Of leadership and management

Just after my post on leadership and scholars, the ST has a full page article on leadership and management or true leaders and fake leaders by Tan Hui Yee. His article was based on the views of a Harvard Professor Dean Williams who was once attached to the NPB. Among the great observations of Prof Williams included this comment, 'Simply by virtue of you having an education at Harvard, or anywhere else for that matter, doesn't mean you are going to provide leadership. I can guarantee that even though I have very bright students in my class at Harvard, I'm actually disappointed in a good percentage of them for their unwillingness to go out into the world to provide leadership on many difficult challenges.' This instantly reminds Singaporeans of the leadership role taken on by Tan Kin Lian when leadership was needed. The professor also said this, 'Real leadership gets people to face the hard truths and take ownership of the problem. Counterfeit leadership, meanwhile, is preoccupied with dominance and perpetuates the idea that one party has all the answers.' Now what does he meant by this? He went on to acknowledge his respect for the leadership of LKY. That is the only leader he could find in Singapore. Sad, but it tells a lot about what he thinks of the leadership we are having or lacking. We have great managers, plenty of them. Leadership is still lacking and no where to be found. I think we should forgive him for he could not see nor understand what we meant by leadership, uniquely Singapore style. Only Singaporeans can appreciate our kind of leadership.


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