Of leaders and scholars

What does a nation need in terms of leadership in the govt? Why do I use the term leadership instead of something else? Leadership is something that is expected among the leaders of the world. It is good and desirable, that leaders should also be scholars, something in the league of philosopher kings. Often leadership and talent are found but in different people, not both in one. Scholars must not be confused with leadership. Many scholars are mere scholars, academically brilliant and destined to be in the academia where they shined like brilliant stars. Some scholars may even find the life of a top administrator or CEOs not their cup of tea. Leadership of a country is not simply a piece of paper with straight As. Leadership is not simply being CEOs of large corporations or ministries. Leadership of a country demands more. Talent, devotion, commitments, sacrifice and care for the people and nation. A nice piece of paper is simply not enough. Putting on a uniform, pinning a few stars on the shoulder of a soldier does not make him a leader or a general. Just like wearing a robe does not make one a religious leader. There are many fakes walking the streets. At the national level we need true leaders, leaders of men, not pen pushers or administrators. A simple example is to put our academic talents to stand side by side with a real leader, no need to stand beside Obama or Putin, any of their mayors or congressmen will do, and see the difference. I must say that we have excellent administrators. I am not sure about the term national leaders. In the World Bloggers Association, everyone is called a king. Does the title make the person a king? Far from it. The title is just a convenience to make a person sounds great in that position. Remove the title and see what he is in his true self. A true leader commands respect and lead. And he can only do so if the people are willing to follow him. Not because he has straight As and a big title attached to him.


Anonymous said...

Some cock talker said our scholar leaders got no fire in their belly.

Well they got the fire alright but not in their belly!

Don't know whether you celebrate or not but happy chinese new year brother!

Cordon "Great Immortal" Tan.

Anonymous said...

If these scholars leaders have no fire in their belly, doesn't matter. All we need are voluntary ex-taxi drivers to set up some fire for them to really experience the "baptism of fire". If that still does not bring them down to earth, I sincerely do not know what will?

May be they are still actually very thick headed, don't you think so?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Q: What does a nation need in terms of leadership in the govt? <

A: Obedient, passive, spine-less, gullible and stupid SHEEPLE

Anonymous said...