The Obama Inauguration

The atmosphere was filled with hope, peace and unity. It was a joyous occasion for all Americans. Their happiness was genuine. There was an absence of hate, anger or trying to settle scores. Obama and the Democrats were happy for obvious reasons. George Bush and the Republicans were celebrating the event in their strides. John McCain was invited for dinner by Obama. The whole ceremony was arranged, organised and executed by a bureaucracy not tainted by any political party. They were Ameicans first, the American civil servants serving the American people, not serving the ruling party. And the American people were there to join in the celebration. They braved the icy cold winter, made their way there on their own. They need not be ferried or herded to attend the ceremony. The did it with a genuine intent to celebrate the incoming of a new Presdent. The Americans were one people, one nation, nothing more, nothing less. No need prompting, no need coercion, no need reminders. That is what a great nation is all about. It is the people that make the nation and the people know that they are all part of the nation. A truly inclusive society. No gimmicks.

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Anonymous said...

What Lee & Lee would say to you would be:

If we were USA,we could do so.But we are a red dot called Singapore in troubled South East Asia.

Do you believe?I don't!

I agree that about 66.67% voters did believe!