Myth 204 - The rich pays for their wants

This is a long embedded myth that people have forgotten to question and accepted as the truth. In reality the poor pays for everything, including what the rich is enjoying. And the poor pays for them in blood, sweat and tears. The poor is the one that does everything. They work, do, build, make, move, carry, climb, run, walk, practically everything to make goods and provide services. The only think that they do less is think. In the case of the rich, they make the poor pays for everything and at a huge profit. They pay the poor workers less if they employ them. They take as much as they can for themselves when they are the boss. Then they spend as if they were paying for it. No, it is the poor workers that are paying for it. The rich took the wealth created by workers leaving the workers poor and insufficient while they have abundance to spend away.


Speedwing said...

Who says life is fair? This situation has always been since the beginning of time and I cannot see a change anytime soon. There will always be the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots, the workers and the bosses, the people who work and those who just benefit from the labour of others.

Can you think of a better and more equitable system Redbean? If you can, lets hear it.

redbean said...

all systems are self destructive. what is needed is moderation by a wise ruler to contain the excesses. unfortunately this is only a temporary affair as all wise men are also human beans and will be intoxicated by greed and temptations. that is why all systems will fail and be replaced over time.

Anonymous said...

And the cyles of struggles go on and on, meaning fights are ongoing throughout the history of mankind.

If one is able to exclude him/herself from the politics of living, he/she shall be wise.

The Rests, like us, are all foolish.


Anonymous said...

Not true,if you are truly a government for th epeople then u got to jaga yr Gini like hawk,NO?but others are doing it and hope to be elected.Or else how can they be elected.

But ya,of course the erection in red dot is different!I do agree.


redbean said...

hi sinner-spore, welcome to the blog.

singapore in some ways is a very confusing place. erection and election are interchangeable, so are truths and tooths.

the rich are expected to be frugal while the poor are expected to spend.

Anonymous said...

That's why the birthrate is so low. Singaporeans are often confused by the purpose of 'erection' and 'election'.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I've been meaning to say this for a long time...anyway here it is:

It is often very difficult to debate redbean — to either agree or refute his points.

It is difficult, if not impossible to construct a solid response and to get to the objective truth of the matter because of these floating abstractions and lack of concrete grounding in the supposed 'facts'

The reason is because redbean:

1. Fails to define his terms (words) properly

2. Has floating abstractions (see "Errors of Concept Formation)

3. Builds his arguments on fallacies and/or contradictions and expects the constructed argument to form the basis for rebuttal or concurrence even though the pre-suppositions on which the argument rests are fallacious, mythical, delusional or just plain wrong.

In relation to this post the glaring floating abstractions (to name just two) are what is meant (objectively) by the terms 'rich' and 'poor'?

The next obvious abstract is 'everything'. WTF is 'everything'?

redbean said...

sorry lah matilah, this is a blog.

to go into a thorough debate, to define words and phrases precisely, it will be too tedious lah. you will need the stamina and academic discipline to make the discourse worthy and acceptable as intellectual discussion.

i just shoot to poke a hole here and there and let the picture be formed in whatever way the readers so desired.

just a simple definition of rich and poor may need to write a whole book on it. and the worst part is that not everyone is going to agree with the definitions.

i think many here would not read more than 4 para and find it too tedious to go on.

cheers mate.

Dog said...


I am sure you heard, once upon a time gone by, of a profession called Materials Handling. These are the people who do the physical work of handling things which belong to people whom they will never know. Started by the British, the name makes the coolies, stevedores, storehands, etc professional people. Like this common workers can claim professional-like wages.

Now it seems Materials Handling is a dead term. And so the profession died. Mostly replaced by the term logistic. And a logistician sounds like a technician, never like a professional. Worse, the logistician is just a data processor so he is not even up to the level of IT specialists.

To really raise the skills of our labour and working class, there should be trainings in materials handling, not in management or supervision. The whole world, esp. resourceless Sin, needs more and more people who can handle materials and not people who can talk and talk with hands pi eh pi non-stop.

The pi eh pi actions are all purposeless and wasteful of energy and time. Both those PiEhPi-ing and the poor audience.

Speedwing. Life is naturally unfair. Only humans with their big brains can level the playing field. The civilised man who is highly educated should know well that he must take care of the poor first. He must not treat his child's cry of hunger as a state of emergency on an airplane and fit the oxygen mask to his own face first.
The economic depression of a country is a slow sliding down caused by the leaders all paying attention to the wealth heap only while their assess are stuck to the heap top.

redbean said...

hi dog, i feel 'pine say'to address you as such.

material handlers is just another name. we are now a logistic and cargo or warehousing regional centre and the trade is still active but in different names. it is just like calling everyone a president or vice president instead of MDs, GMs or Managers,

warehousing and material handling are big business now.

you are right and so is speedwing. life is unfair and some are better endowed than others. but like you said, the talented must help to spread the wealth and not sufferings. when the talented joins in to grab for themselves at the expense of the not so talented, the distribution of wealth will be very lopsided and will lead to tension in the system.

human beans can do a lot to help fellow beans so that no one is left behind. are we doing what we preached?

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, you don't have to apologise to me. You write however you like — as sloppy or as tight as the muse moves you.

I'm merely making a suggestion because I believe if you're already putting in the work, you might as well up the standard consistently.

I dunno. I suppose my work ethic and standards differ from yours.

redbean said...

i used to work in an organisation when the tolerance level for mistake and shoddy work is zero.

but no need to be so serious here. just enjoy postings. i hope some of the more serious bloggers could engage you in more serious discussions and raise the level of the forum.

have a beer, mate.

Anonymous said...

I think matilah_singapura would want 'everything', 'everyone' to be banned from linguistic usage haha.

But the value of logic itself is vague and rests on presuppositions too(c.f. Godel) Feels like chasing our own tails sometimes.

Anonymous said...

To keep employees employed, government all over the world must make the rich richer. The poor work to feed their family. Level playing field is just an English word banter around, it never exist and never will. Just be glad you are born here and not Zimbawee. It is all relative vanity money wise. Importantly all are fed with 3 square meals. All else is relative.

redbean said...

when i said zero tolerance for error as a standard of work ethics, i mean not even a comma or full stop in the wrong place. no typo error if avoidable. that was my standard then. i still make sure that my posts will have as little error as possible. if i notice them i will correct them.

redbean said...

the day that singaporeans and singapore workers think that they have the best and do not post further demands to better their lots will be the day of their decline. yes, how well we are and we live is relative. there is always room for improvement. we are not there yet.

do not be complacent and compare with zimbabwe or timbuctoo. we pay good money and expect good quality work.

Anonymous said...


if You pay good money

and the goods delivered

lacks quality controls.

What can be done?

Just bad luck, right?


redbean said...

no. honest mistakes, so they said.