My tummy ache is more complex

I used to visit the dentists quite regularly in the past. Today I see them less frequently. Not many teeth left to give problems. But I still have tooth ache occasionally. The same tooth ache I had 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 30 years ago. And my tummy ache is no different today then 50 years ago or 40 years ago. So were my flu and sore throat. And I think this goes with many other sicknesses, migraine, heart attack, artery blocks, piles, or whatever that our bodies can inflict on us. I protested to my doctors and dentists. Why are they charging me 10 times, 20 times or 30 times for the same ailments? The panadol and vitamins are still the same except for the branding. After repeated protests the doctors finally gave in and explained. He agreed that they were all the same. He agreed that the only thing that was different was the bill. And he said the medical condition probably made up 10% of the bill. The rest were other costs. At least now I know that my medical conditions are not more serious, not more complicated, not more complex, not more heavenly that require a medical maverick to heal them when the ordinary doctor of the past could not. And I pay more.


Anonymous said...

The cure is simple, but they made it sound difficult so that they can charge you more. I remember working in a shipping agency many years ago and crews usually came ashore for dental treatment. Every crew of every ship had every tooth extraction classified as 'extremely difficult' extraction and every extraction costs a few hundred dollars. The dentist knew that insurers are paying for it.

The Hermit said...

Watch Sicko (2007) by Michael Moore - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386032/

Singapore is going down the same slippery slope like USA, or maybe, even already are.

It is time for universal health coverage. The British had been doing it since 1948, the Canadian have had it for so long that they couldn't even remember when it began, the French are at it as well. Heck, even the Cuban are doing it.

Is there a difference between throwing away money at ailing banks and throwing away money into healthcare of all Singaporeans? Both draws on reserve. One, you get a disgruntled population, the other, you get a healthy population who are happy and in turn more productive.

Dog said...

Rising costs, medical cost included, are always caused by economic progress and are relative, not absolute. Example: if HDB now sells a 4-room flat for $60k, ward fees would go down, instead of rising, don't you think? And if govt does not sell the land for hospital at market price but charge a quit rent of $1pa, Class B wards would be charged like Class C now and nobody would ask the govt for subsidy. In fact citizens would willing subsidise the poor who cannot pay their class C.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong is invariably drawn into discussions whenever Singaporeans talk about public transports because they are indisputably better.

In healthcares, Hong Kong Healthcare System is similarly far superior in serving its' citizens and permanent residents.

Hong Kong retains the Colonial(British) System which was also used in Singapore before the early seventies.

The System requires citizens and P Rs to pay a nominal admission(registration) fee and no other fees. Private Hospitals cater to patients who want more luxurious ambience and services.

In Singapore, it seems that Colonial Ruler was more conscientious and caring compared to Local Ruler. Quite perplexing and unthinkable, queer isn't it?


redbean said...

this inflation thing is another illusion. singaporeans really think that they are richer because the flat they own is now worth $500k. but everything goes up accordingly. the doctor now must earn a million a year at the minimum to buy his million dollar flat, his $200k car and all the expensive items. so he has to charge more.

so must the foodstalls at the food courts when the rentals shoot to the sky. and who is the landlord that is causing this?

but our system is like a cyclist up a steep slope. the moment he stops peddling he is going to fall. and the higher he goes, he harder he is to peddle and the fall will be more severe. our whole economic system must pay for all the high salaries at the top or it is will break down. so you can expect all the cost to go up and up, cannot be stopped.

Anonymous said...

well if you find it expensive you can always diy with a set of pliers or chan po po medicinal herbs, they havent gone up as much i hope.

redbean said...

actually that's what i do. and it works. and if it doesn't, throw in a few pieces of carbon : )

Anonymous said...

frankly the govt shud license more massage and alternative care salons, if they havent already done so.

redbean said...

better not lah. it will only increase the cost. they will pass the licensing fee to the customers. geylang will be more expensive too.