More empathy for the perm sec

The netizens are now more sympathetic to the perm sec and his culinary course. There was an expression of empathy across cyberspace for him. And the media too, there were letters in support of the perm sec and that it was a non issue. There is no reason to kick a big row over someone spending his money chasing after his dreams. It is always good to look at the good and right side of things. Let's close the chapter and continue to live happily in the paradise of the living mortals and immortals and demigods.


Anonymous said...

This unfortunate episode just shows to us how desperate the PAP is now,if you listen to what they said & thier gestures carefully,they were all designed to keep votes.

I think it is good to educate the 66.67%,albeit at the personal expense of Mr Tan & family,but I do feel strongly that he is over-paid,and PAP has not conceded this vital point.

It should be used again and again for those who want to see votes being taken away fr PAP ,and I am one of those.


redbean said...

you just can't run away from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sympathy and empathy for a top scholar whose money comes from the parasitic existence upon the scrounging the taxpayers more and more, and harder and harder?

Those must be wasted sympathies and empathies similar to the wasted taxpayers money spent upon such a high calibre of scholars who has demonstrated without any doubt that he is STUPID!

Anonymous said...

He has spent $45,500 to learn French cooking in order to cook himself publicly, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Perm Sec should now be interpreted as Permanently Sacked!