The journalists have found a way around

While many are lamenting at the kind of news appearing in the old media, and many are wondering what is happening to the professionalism of the journalists, there is a glimmer of hope that things are not as dull as it appears to be. There may still be the coverage of pictures showing what the average Singaporeans may be doing, like walking to the market, hanging clothes etc, or there may be the great events like which celebrity is getting married or what theyare eating for dinner, there are still real gems in the midst of the papers. They have found their way around to write the conscience piece, the social justice piece, the wrongs of our society etc etc.. There is the art of not saying but saying, saying but not saying. Or another way of putting it, to say a little and let the rest of the story unfolds in the minds of the inquisitives. We have some ingenious reporting recently, very innocent and very ordinary. The reactions were far from ordinary, at times earth shaking. So do not underestimate the professionals. They know how to wield the mighty pen to create the impact intended. Journalism is not dead yet. The media, old or new, has a very important role to play in educating the masses, reporting what must be reported and keeping everyone informed of the good, the bad and the ugly. Responsible journalism just takes on a different guise. Just look out for the subtle messages.


Anonymous said...

I could not help noticing that the ST Saturday edition seems to be getting thinner and thinner. What is happenning to our No. 1 newsmedia?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Most professional journalists simply look after their rich bowls by sucking harder on the penises of those who hold the political power.

That is why the phrase commonly used to describe these 混蛋屄脑 is 'whores of/in the media'.

Anonymous said...

"Most professional journalists simply look after their rich bowls by sucking harder on the penises of those who hold the political power."

Sometimes this power-relationship can be the other way around too. Politicians suck media barons, who in turn ensure their respective journalists suck the correct politicians...

This world sucks.

Anonymous said...

Professional journalists suck hard on those who hold the political power.

Very true,only that there are just too many rushing towards the same tool therby b--- no enough.

What happens is that many would have to look for alternative b---- to suck so that the next round they might be in power.

Isnt it more normal than those places where there is only one useful b--- to be sucked!