Jobs available - Coming full circle

After 45 years of independence, it is surprising that many of the oldies are coming full circle to where they had started as far as occupation and working for a living are concerned. Many were in the labour trade 45 years ago, the unskilled or semi skilled trades, the waiters, doormen, sales assistants, the maids or chambermaids, the security guards, the cleaners etc etc. They started at a time when getting a job was difficult and any job will do. They had no education and little skill. 45 years later they still had little education and little skill. And they are still out in the job market hunting for that elusive job that will only pay them enough to get by. Some things or people just would not change. The taxi driver that committed the vicious crime again Seng Han Thong is a living example of the living fossils of the past 45 years. They did not change or will hardly change while time slips away under their noses.


Anonymous said...

almost every taxi driver in Singapore sounds like an parrot and at times can be very irritating to us passengers !.
the govt. should educate them accordingly so that they don't frighten off people from Singapore.
o.k. they are earning an honest living but must learn to keep their mouth shut unless asked for.
Sorry but this is my honest experience with Singaporean taxy drivers,,,,,before they burn down the city. Its still not too late to correct this short coming.


Anonymous said...

Nothing can change in Singapore, just like the Government. We have campaigns year after year and still people litter like nobody's business at parades, open-air concerts, band performances etc. Human nature cannot be changed. It is just like gambling, womanising and greed. They will still be the same in a thousand years time. We already had those problems in ancient China, thousands of years ago.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

Fossils? As in palaeoontology?

Francis Chua, Singapore

Anonymous said...

>Some things or people just would not change.

Oh come on, ...

Francis Chua, Singapore

redbean said...

hi justme and lost citizen, welcome to the blog.

the taxi drivers are a very influential group of people. they can spread news very easily by words of mouth. keeping their mouth shut is a step forward, but not easy.

they are second to bloggers : )

hi francis, there is always a group of people that will not change or have difficulties in changing even today. not confined only to the oldies, the illiterate. can be very talented ones too.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is never a 'group' of people redbean. When change occurs, it occurs on the individual level. 'Group' has no context in this argument.

Every individual is equipped with reason (if they choose to use it), to adjust themselves to the changing circumstances. Anyone who refuses to do so is welcome to the consequences of his choice.

redbean said...

the individual is the real nuts and bolts. but there is also such thing as group behaviour and group think.