Is the election of Obama a mistake?

The Americans were joyous in their election of Obama into the highest office in their country. Many people around the world too received this news in good spirit. Behind closed doors in the guarded confines of our elite, I suspect this event was received with a big frown. How could an average man, with average achievements, without a first class honours from an Ivy League university, be qualified for such a job? He would not be qualified even to run for our Presidency. He is simply not good enough. The issue is that with our elitist system and assumptions, no ordinary man can even smell the highest office of the country. It is reserved for the elite. All kinds of elitist criteria have been thrown into the path to prevent the lesser mortals from getting through. Not even in the kinds of Obama. Definitely no George Bush. The Americans are simply too slack, too complacent, to allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to take office in the White House. They should adopt our system and choose the best men or women to do that job. They could introduce the same criteria as ours. Then perhaps America will be a country that will be forever great. Then their Presidents, Congressmen and Senators could stand as equals with our elite. Under the current selection criteria, they could not hold a candle to our MPs and Ministers, and our President. Ours are great achievers with a string of pristine academic qualifications and achievements. Our leaders will definitely stand a shoulder above theirs, not physically of course. But there is a hitch if the Americans were to adopt our meritocratic system. They would have to pay them according to their talents and qualifications. In America, such talents will be commanding a few hundred millions a year. They will likely to come from Wall Streets, the CEOs of the financial institutions like Citigroup, Lehman, Goldman Sach or the property companies of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, or the top lawyers. I think the Americans cannot afford to pay for such talents, and it is better for them not to. Their leaders should pay more visits to this paradise to learn from our leaders. In monetary terms, we are the best paid and thus the best leaders in the world. Obama is not even paid as much as our Ministers of State or our Mayors. He is simply not good enough for paradise.


Anonymous said...

You are obviously talking through your arsehole again. Barack Obama read Law at Harvard. He became the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. That is certainly not average, in anybody's book.

Anonymous said...

PP, it's clowns like redbean who give bloggers a bad name. Can't even do basic research.

redbean said...

please read the criteria of our elected presidency and see if he qualifies.

redbean said...

actually i don't mind being a top clown with dedicated little clowns following me everywhere.

it takes a thief to know a thief. it takes a clown to know a clown

Anonymous said...

"It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings."
Mohandas Gandhi

"I'll say nothing against him. At one time the whites in the United States called him a racialist, and extremist, and a Communist. Then the Black Muslims came along and the whites thanked the Lord for Martin Luther King."

Malcolm x

The best golfer, atheles, singers, basketball players, footballers, ... now the world favourite leader, all black.

Anonymous said...

In America, even though I don't attend Harvard, if I want to, I can also stand for election.

That's how Ronald "Raygun" Reagan got elected.

All he had was an average brain, a toothy grin, a practised handshake, an actor's ability to look intellectual and appear to know what the fuck is going on when receiving foreign dignitaries and assorted villians.

Reminds you of someone?

Cordon "Great Immortal" Tan

Anonymous said...

Tom, Dick and Harry in the White House?

I am not sure whether there is a Tom, but I am quite sure that there is a "Dick" and a "Harry" in our own "White House".

Moreover, the "Harry" has been in that "White House" for an extremely long time (I think is 49 years?) and has become so attached to it that he has refused to give it up for the ones who have taken over his place.

See? This is what meritocracy is all about. If you have already been merited to be in a top position, you are merited to be there all your entire life.

And is entitled them to think of themselves as immortals, and therefore we are, in their hearts always, referred to as "lesser mortals" which accidentally and shamelessly vomited out of a careless balls-carrying am-piss's throat and mouth.

Anonymous said...

redbean you can be so stupid but still feel so smart.
Geeeee,,,pls look at your asshole again and be real glad with yourself.

elite ? ha,,,,ha.

Anonymous said...

Your ball carrier frens are here again. Don't waste time on time. Just ignore them like all the bloggers here. They know that no one will want to talk to them. Let them keep harping to themselves. Once they have posted enough, make a police report and let the police trace them for you.

Happy new year, bro.

Anonymous said...

Think of faceless online critics as bacteria By Eugene Wee


such anonymity is simply a myth once somebody pay credence. price of expressing silly thoughts and annoyance.

redbean said...

it is not too bad for the lesser mortals to be anonymous for obvious reasons. but for the immortals and demigods and their kinds, hiding being an anonymous mask is unbecoming. when immortals and demigods fear to reveal their true selves, what can they expect of the lesser mortals?

there are good and bad bacteria.

Matilah_Singapura said...

How could an average man, with average achievements, without a first class honours from an Ivy League university, be qualified for such a job? <

Actually the guy is intensively as well as extensively "educated" (so-called)

> He would not be qualified even to run for our Presidency. He is simply not good enough. <

To quote the late George Carlin, unparalleled comic genius:

"In America anyone can become president... that's the problem!"

It wouldn't matter who was US President if the original articles of confederation were stuck to and the president given very LIMITED powers.

To preserve the liberty and freedom in a constitutional republic, the president's powers MUST BE LIMITED. The best way to do this is to not have a popularly elected president.

That is why in S'pore has an APPOINTED president, not one which is popularly elected.

Examples of popularly elected presidents and their bum-fucked festering sewer republics:

1. Sukarno/Suharto Republic of Indonesia

2. Bob Mugabe Republic of Zimbabwe

3. French Republic (all the presidents are assholes)

4. Democratic republic of Sri Lanka (totally fucked country in perpetual civil war)

5. Republic of Nigeria

6. Republic of Philippines

7. Republic of Cuba (The Castro Brothers)

... and so on

> The Americans are simply too slack, too complacent, to allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to take office in the White House. <

It doesn't matter what you or I think. The people always get the govt they deserve.

I'm reserving judgment about President Hussein until he's been in office a little longer.

So far in one week:

1. Interview on Arab TV (before any interview on US media since taking office)

2. 5 Executive Orders in a week. Not bad "Rule By Executive Order". Russian-style.

Not bad.

redbean said...

president hussein is kind of a stark reminder of something not very correct. better not to use this name as it will only provoke the assasin squad to work overtime.

when president hussein of the USA visited Buckingham Palace...

Anonymous said...

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