The insensitivity of the elite

The lesser mortals shall not be envious when the super beings splashed their wealth. The lesser mortals must know their station in life. What's wrong with super beings spending their own money? This is the ethos of an elitist society. The expensive cooking class, oops, it is a culinary course, is the talk of Parliament. Cooking class is only conducted in community centres for the Ah Sohs at $50 for 4 lessons. What Chee Hean said is correct. It is a private matter for people to spend their own money. But being a top civil servant, flaunting of wealth is still not the right thing to do in times like this. What the story tells is that top civil servants are paid so handsomely that they must think of ingenious ways of spending them. Too much money that they have problem spending. Would a $100k personal grooming course or facial treatment be attractive, or a new hairdo? A tattoeing course may also look interesting. This reminds me of the Peanut Theory. What will be considered peanuts for such high paying elite? $600k or $1m? I think we will have problem motivating them with more pay in the next salary increment exercise. Anything less than a peanut will be meaningless.


Jaunty Jabber said...

De facto people are not upset just by onlooking to MP's indulgence on luxury trip or who is spending whose money. It is about sense and sensibility.

This time is a Big Time Insult that we have MP who labels the people as the "lesser mortals". It is disappointing.

redbean said...

hi jaunty jabber, welcome to the blog.

we should not be too harsh on the antics of young people. young people tend to be more idealistic, expressive and like to be what they are.

that is the right of being young.

Anonymous said...

Charles Chong, young?

More like he needs to be kicked in the arse.

redbean said...

oh, i don't mean him. i think tan yong soon is still quite young.

Anonymous said...

Granted young as he is, he should get the fuxk out of the civil service and learn to earn his own keep.

Leeching on lesser mortals and flaunting his wealth.

I hope he's next to be torched otherwise, we have more years of suffering under these kind of idiots.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Some weeks ago didn’t they have just said that we are a family, Singapore is one big family as a whole? Then why is there classification? If majority of the family members are classified as “lesser mortals”, then shouldn’t it make sense that actually every member of this big family belongs to the same kind?

I am confused.

Along here, I would like to recommend this post:


redbean said...

thanks jaunty, for the link to daniel ling's blog. i just include it into my list.

Jaunty Jabber said...

U r Welcome.