How useful is Talking point?

Last week CNA put up many reminders on the programme Talking Point to be aired last night at 10.20pm. The topic to be discussed was the AIMS' recommendations and the govt's responses to them. It must be an important event for CNA to keep reminding the viewers about it. I was reminded to tune in. There were two co hosts, a lady whose name just slipped out of my amnesia prone memory, and PN Balji. This gave the programme some recognition. You don't put in two hosts to tackle a programme unless it is worth the while. Two invited guests, Cheong Yip Seng, Chairman of AIMS and Gerald Giam of TOC were also present. The four should give a meaningful treatment on the important AIMS paper. After all it was commissioned by the govt. The whole programme last not more than 10 mins. In fact 8 minutes. How could 8 minutes do any justice to an important issues with 4 participants. Each could only have 2 minutes if the time is distributed evenly. Balji followed up with an article this morning in Today. His message is this, 'By now, the likes of Mr Giam should have known how this Govt behaves and operates. It cannot appear to be pressured to make changes; it will change at its own pace and comfort.' This is very plainly put by Balji. Don't expect too much. The mountain does not come to Mohammed. Bloggers are not significant bodies and must to go the mountain.

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Anonymous said...

You are right redbean. The 10 minutes devoted to a programme like this is a joke. I could not be bothered with tuning in. Not worth one cent to watch.