Hire Americans and buy Americans

Obama is faced with a whole list of problems on his first day in office. And the first thing that irked him was the continued greed and irresponsibility in Wall Street. American financial CEOs are still paying themselves crazy in bonuses in times like this and when many of them are still being bailed out by the tax payers. It is time that minority shareholders start to claim back all the nonsensical bonuses paid to these CEOs including those in the past. They must be made to pay for the fiasco they have created. Many were highly irresponsible in their financial management of the organisations. Protectionism and giving jobs to Americans will also be a priority of Obama. Foreign workers will see their job opportunities cut or reduced. And many may have to go home. But hiring Americans has long been taking place in paradise. Maybe Obama should use us as a great example of hiring Americans. And he can also recommend that all the financial wizards of Wall Street who are jobless to hit direct to paradise where they will be welcomed. We definitely love the Americans, their skills, talents and high pay mentality. And they rob their organisations without anyone complaining.


Anonymous said...

As you can see, Obama cannot do anything about the bonus payments. Or for that matter, Obama is not going to do anything about it. I think it will be more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me "Buy american" - havent we got enough trouble already. I think Middle East really needs them and they should spent more time there. No thank you. I only see troubles and big bonus leaving the shores for nothing.

redbean said...

how could the americans hire americans at the price they are asking? i think they should hire more Indians. they are many Indian super talents heading big american corporations.

only rich countries can afford to hire americans. paradise is one of the rich countries who can still afford to do so.

Jaunty Jabber said...

A mere change in the governing office is unlikely to alter the nature of Americans.

The now and today of America is the result from centuries' of over-indulgence lifestyles and greed. It is not the effect of the government of America, it is from the people.

Obama will need to add alot more muscles to influent and nurture the country, not possible to "change", could only inculcate and make some corrections, if successful.

Anonymous said...

It would be difficult to change the lifestyle of the Americans. How do you tell people who have embraced the spending culture to cut back on their indulgence? The only way they can change is for this recession to be so severe that they really feel the meaning of hunger and poverty and need to save for a rainy day.

Here in paradise, the older generation have gone through that, without government help in those days. There were no such thing as workfare or handouts mind you, and they came out wiser in managing their finances. It was a good lesson in reality, better than the theory that they are trying to teach in schools.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm beginning to suspect President Hussein might topple GW Bush in the "dumb-ass president" stakes, where GW remains the uncontested champion of all time.

America has to fail catastrophically, and I hope soon. Americans like to do it in grandeur, style and of course they've never been 'shy' sharing their achievements with the rest of the world.

Therefore the inevitablke collapse of America should be in keeping with her values. We, the audience must have our expectations met by ensuring these bozos give us a good all-American 'entertainment experience'.

Let us hope for civil war, where all the right-wing gun owners hunt down ad kill illegal immigrants, liberals, politicians and financiers.

We wait in anticipation for some 'patriot' to blow up the Fed, and of course not to be outdone, the federal government to muster all its might to quell the uprising.

Gee, now, won't that be fun. I'd save a fortune on movie tickets. Just watch the news!

Anonymous said...

Is Obama gonna get eight more years too?

Eight more beers for all of us =)

Anonymous said...

"let us hope for a civil war", unquote.

Hope I can get to see it.


redbean said...

when the americans are hungry, with all the arms in their possession, you would want to know what they will do with them. when russia collapsed, there were fears of the warlords using the nuclear arsenals to blackmail states.

we can only hope that the americans fight themselves and break up like the russians. if they turn outwards to the world, mine, we can have nuclear bombs exploding everywhere. this time the cowboys are not trigger happy, but nuclear bomb happy.

americans have not experienced hardship for a long time. so are singaporeans. gone were the days when our shirts and pants were in patches or in stitches and still wearable. today you throw away a good new shirt because it doesn't fit the colour of your wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not only throwing away perfectly good shirts, they are always changing cars, handphones, furniture, TVs etc. Not that it is our business. But such waste. Such sinful waste. All because of the financial bubble and illusion of wealth created by the banks.

Up till the middle of last year, banks were throwing money after customers in the form of credit cards, ready credit etc because they had so much money to lend created out of leverage lending. Now the bubble has burst. Obama predicted more bank failures in America. Smaller banks that have failed were never in the news.

Lost Citizen