Guessing where is Mas Selamat

It is almost a year since this magician escaped from the cage. Now the question is where is he? All the theories of yesterday are still hanging in the air. He is alive, he is dead, he is here, he is not here, he is everywhere. Everyone is still guessing where he is and no one has a clue. Somewhere out there a party will be held to celebrate the first anniversary of the Mas Selamat Escape. And we got to thank god that nothing untowards has happened. Let's pray that he will not reappear again.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is not with us anymore. Someone must know the tooth. One day in the future the truth will be out in the open.

Anonymous said...

what to do?it has happened,let's move on.

I do hope PAP keeps their promise when dealing with their competitors,who are not enemies but fellow Spore citizens who think differently,just different.


redbean said...

it takes a little growing up.

Anonymous said...

Would minister WKS be replaced now that an old lady entered Spore w/o paper.

I guess not,Mr Goh CT used to say of his useless staff:

"If I change them,who would work for me?"

Logical,logical,I can almost hear the roar of the 66.67%,all nodded in complete agreement.

Well,may not be 66.67% any more,I guess.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Maybe he's fucking his 72 virgins, who are now no longer virgins... obviously.

But all is not lost. The PAP are still fucking the people.

Therefore politics beats religion.

redbean said...

matilah, stop telling the brutal truth would ya?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Home Affairs minister just said that Mas Selamat is either in Singapore or has fled the country.

Wow, that's a million dollar answer indeed!

Lost Citizen

Jaunty Jabber said...

And if he is out of Singapore, you can go anywhere.

Even my senile grandma saves her breath on telling me "Jabber ah, once you are out of the house, you can be going anywhere".

Oh yeah, besides whether MSK is in or out of Singapore, there is other possibilites: he could be in heaven or hell.

redbean said...

ok, ok. let me make another wild guess. maybe he is now an actor in media corp?