Govt engaging bloggers in cyberspace

Today we are hearing that the govt may engage bloggers officially in cyberspace. That is good for communication and relations with the public. It is time to do away with the attitude that if the public want to speak to the govt they must follow certain procedures, go to the designated place and time, and agency. Otherwise the govt will not bother. The govt decides when, where, how and who to engage. Other than official engagement, has the govt been engaging the bloggers? Are there cyber insurgents out there demolishing the bloggers and attacking the bloggers in shameful ways? Probably not. It is unbecoming and shameful for govt to engage in such activities. What about unofficial groups that are somehow linked to the govt and went about attacking bloggers knowing that they are whiter than white? Are there such people creating a nuisance in people's blogs, attacking bloggers with govt blessing or with the blessing of people linked to the govt? I would think that it is fair for insurgents to counter insurgents, for engaging low lives to attack low lives. But I find it disgusting that my blogs and forums, two highly decent and respectable sites, are infested by low lives all out to attack me. I really hope that these low lives are in no way linked to the govt, directly or indirectly. If yes, it is terribly shameful. Our honourable govt with honourable people will never have sanctioned such distasteful and dishonourable activities and engaging such disgusting characters with pay to do such things. These must be pests that have no connections with the govt or links to the govt in any ways. Let's march towards a civil society where the people and govt can engage in decent discussion in cyberspace, free from pests and low lives.


Anonymous said...

Speaking from personal past experiences at the Post 65er's Blogs, the MP Bloggers were pretty selective in engaging respondents.

One MP Faisal did not even publish my postings, not to mention reply, respond or engage mere mortals.
The same happen at the Straits Times Forums.

So, do not blame the citizens when they gave up their hopes and come to Cyberspace to reveal their feelings.

As for your suspected insurgents, they maybe just pro-PAP and Government and not hired professional snipers or assasins. They hold different views and opinions and I think You should rightly bestow them kings of Socio-political Blogosphere and thank them for their supports to your blogs, though not your ideology.

Time to engage one another even though views may differ.



redbean said...

hi patriot,

fully agree with you. i always encourage opposing views and healthy discussions, but not name calling and personal attacks.

Anonymous said...

in China, these low lives are called 五毛党,cos they are paid fifty cents per post to post pro govt lines or attack alternative views.

redbean said...

i may consider for $500 per post : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

The S'pore govt prides itself on being made up of the 'best and brightest'.

Yet every once in awhile some of the 'geniuses' (so-called) in the govt come up with ideas that can only be politely described as DAMN COCK.

Just a reminder of the fact that most of these blow-hards are already overpaid and command too much power. Now they get to TALK COCK with the lesser 'small fry' serfs, and they do this whilst getting funded by the public purse. Note: many of them get paid hundreds of dollars or more per hour.

If these geniuses think that they are doing such a terrific job, they would concentrate on their work and strive to better their productivity and (hopefully) themselves — in other words 'Shut the fuck up and get to work'.

redbean said...

please visit Talkingcock.com. talking cock is quite fashionable nowadays.

i too indulge in such little things.