The golden ox ploughing heaven

The golden ox is no ordinary ox. It doesn't plough the earth, it is set to plough the heavenly realms. It will turn heaven and earth upside down. Great changes can be expected. We have seen many changes around the world, from nations to individuals. Empires will rise and fall, fortunes will change hands. Many are still in a state of shock that family inheritance in the millions and billions could be wiped out in a matter of days. Tycoons became paupers. Power changes hands. And these are only the beginning of the year and more can be expected. How would the golden ox affect the power and wealth combination in our little island? Would we see the same fate affecting the world around us, when the rich becomes poor and power were lost? Such forces are more powerful than the economic forces of the mortal world. When the stars are not aligned correctly, nothing can be done to stop the change. Be prepare for more changes to come.


Anonymous said...

You bet the world would change after this recession. PM Brown predicted a 'New World Order'.

The past two decades have been built on the American way of life. A lifestyle of enormous wastage in consumption, one American consuming about three times what anybody else in the world consumes. And about a quarter of the production capacity of the world goes to satisfy the wasteful lifestyle of the Americans. It has now ended because it is not sustainable.

Countries everywhere in the world now have to close down factories catering to such wastefulness, maybe a quarter of the world's factories, with tens of millions jobless. If the Americans realise their wastefulness and change their lifestyle, millions will be jobless, permanently. Recovery? Don't bet on it happenning soon.

This is unlike recessions we have experienced before. Sanks do not fail on such a scale or ever fail in previous recessions. Hidden in the books of the world's banks are still US$55 trillion of credit default swaps, with only a fraction of its value, waiting to be written down. The billions written off so far are peanuts by comparision. And the billions poured into the system to prop it up are also peanuts by comparision. It will not make a difference utlimately.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> rich becomes poor and power were lost <

Nonsense. You are only showing one side, and thus have displayed your naked intellectual and moral bias.

Wealth and power are transferred — other people becomes rich and powerful. Perhaps they're deserving of such good fortune.

redbean said...

rich becomes poor, powerful loses power, and vice versa. i left out the second part of the equation as the poor and powerless may have problems becoming rich and powerful.

Anonymous said...

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