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Going forward in 2009

As we move forward into 2009, the accepted wisdom must be caveat emptor. This catch phrase shall be the guiding principle for how we live and engage in all transactions and human interactions. Caveat emptor is the fairest principle to live by. Anyone got cheated is his own fault. He is expected to know what he is doing. We have the best educated population and we can't expect them to be stupid and be cheated so easily. There is no longer a need for institutions that check or audit corporations. There is no need for regulators. There is no need for rules and laws. We can save a lot of unnecessary business cost and time. Every transaction shall go by the buyers beware code, check yourselves before getting into a transaction. Oh, no need for the legal professions too. Contractual laws can be thrown into the dustbins. It will be the survival of the smartests. We shall call ourselves Caveat Emptor country. And we can laugh at all the silly people who got cheated or got rip off. It is simply their own faults. Life will be much simpler.


The Hermit said...

Well, well, well, at every elections, Singaporeans voted with their eyes opened.

Happy 2009 red bean and everyone!

redbean said...

happy new year hermit.

eyes opened or eyes wide shut?

have faith in the new generations. there are the future.

The Hermit said...

Eyes open, with brain shut.

redbean said...

nowadays the brain is replaced by a more efficient computer. just leave it to the computer.

Anonymous said...

how could the poor get rich if there's no way for the rich to get poor, why so much fuss, the fortune wheel turns around.

redbean said...

the wheel is turning. several tycoons have committed suicide. madoff is going to jail.