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Finally it is happening

We have been blogging for so long, finally it is happening. It is a miracle in the making. Unbelieveable that we can see it in our life times. We have been complaining about using the reserves to help the people. We have cried for public transport fares to be lowered. We have been cursing at the high rentals of commercial/business space. We have been complaining about the high salaries of top civil servants and political leaders. We have been up to our neck with the high cost of living. Amazing that all these gripes will now be answered. It appears that the govt is listening and taking the people’s complains seriously. The govt is digging into the reserves, lowering public transport fares, lowering rentals, lowering salaries of top civil servants and political leaders, and overall, the cost of living should come down a little. Even being insensitive to the feelings and sufferings of the lesser mortals will be taken to task. Cannot sneer at the lesser mortals. We may see and hear lesser brutal truths and the losers will not be embarrassed publicly. This is a good start for more changes to come. Who knows, top civil servants and politicians may be banned from attending public functions in Mercs and BMWs. They may have to buy a small Japanese car for such activities to level down with the lesser mortals. At least the lesser mortals will not see the flaunting of wealth in their faces. It is a good sign that the govt is starting on the right note, to feel more for the people and to be more with the people. No more we the super talents and you the losers. No more we deserve to be paid world class salaries and your wages must be frozen to keep the workers competitive. Happy Lunar New Year to all.


Anonymous said...

My goodness Redbean, try and acquire some political sophistication before writing.


Anonymous said...

I think it was the heaviest piece of sarcasm from beanie, Han.

redbean said...

hi han, welcome to the blog.

on the first day of the new year it is good to say something pleasant. : )

Abao said...

こちらこそ、happy new year ^_^

redbean said...

happy new year abao. never see your post lately.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Although I'm against 'stimulus packages' and 'bailouts' because they damage the capital structure and make people poorer in the long run, spending the reserves to do 'bad things' is a "better idea" (if one could call it that) than going into deficit, printing money, taxing or borrowing — which is what the western democracies are doing.