Encourage ostentatious lifestyle

This is the way to go. Not being ostentatious, being shy about spending is not healthy to the economy. Hsien Loong has taken the lead by donating $500k to set up a scholarship foundation. This is on top of the increment that he has donated earlier. I was hoping that this will set the ball rolling and more rich people will also take out some money for similar causes. There was no follow up. But that does not mean that no one is following his example. They may have done it quietly in their own ways. They are either too shy or shun ostentatious flaunting of wealth. For a time like this, these people should be encouraged to spend and spend. The media should do their job by celebrating their ostentatious lifestyle and this may encourage others to do so. It will be good for the economy. For those who do not know how to spend or share their wealth, just stand outside a MRT station with a sack of angpows and hand them to the passerbys. No need for any mean testing. Anyone who is willing to take the angpows will be needing them. Let's be ostentatious and spread the goodwill of spending and giving. No need to be shy about it.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Don't worry. When those China babes start a price war on the rental prices of their vaginas, guys in S'pore will be spreading the wealth — and the legs like a mothefucker!