Eerie silence in the world of elite

Are there any talents, thinkers and concerned individuals in the world of elite? Obviously there are plentiful. Do they have a view or any view on how our country and society is progressing and the direction we are heading? I think they must have. Do they agree with all the policies and what is happening? I think they do. That is why there is a total silence coming out from that world. Nothing will affect them or move them to say something. They are just too comfortable and too entrenched in their own world of luxury that nothing else is important to them. How long will this eerie silence last?


Anonymous said...


i think You are being unfair to them.

i do believe that they are cracking their heads on how to solve the problems they have created.


do no know how to fix them now!


redbean said...

as i have said, it is about how you look at the problem and how you want to treat it. all problems of such nature can be solved quite easily. there are hundred and one solutions depending on the interest of the problem solver. that is why we find it so frustrating with some of the solutions but to the decision makers they made perfect sense.