Don't push the gov't to act

Rights groups call for tighter regulations to prevent exploitation of migrant workers This is the call in TOC. It is trying to do something for the helpless foreign workers. But I think TOC is doing more harm to the cause than helping them. The govt will not be presurised to action. It is more comfortable doing its own thing in its own pace and when it wants to. It does not like to be presurised or seen to be presurised to do things. The TOC may be more effective if it posts it in Reach as a plea or seeking for govt help. That will get things moving faster.


Anonymous said...

Big Boss don't like to be told !
Tai Kor,,,,big brother ?
gangster mentality,,,confirm-lah.


Anonymous said...

The retrenchments and continual sending back of foreign workers is a natural outcome of the present economic crisis. TOC is just going to make sure that all the credit will go to the Government and the Union for pushing employers to keep local employees and be seen as looking after Singaporeans, if the Government and Union take up their call. What a stroke of genius!

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

they are trying their best. better than doing nothing : )

redbean said...

hi poorman, welcome to the blog.

we are getting quite a collection of the down and outs here : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, this is bad news. Foreign workers should be left alone to be exploited. That's their karma.

The govt should not involve itself in other peoples' karma.

redbean said...


you also in the game of bonking the losers? great man.