Culinary colleges or cooking class?

It is time we upgrade all our cooking classes in community centres into colleges. Shatec can be rebrand into a East West Fusion Culinary University. After the branding, the next thing is to revamp the courses and issue diplomas and degrees. And if we need to, employ a few western chefs to make them more respectable. We can have French chefs teaching fine dining Nonya style. This will be truly exotic and cannot be found anywhere in the world except maybe Penang and Malacca. Then the course fee can be inflated as well.


Anonymous said...

My experience with the foreign visitors who are mostly biz men and generally well travelled is that most of them find Nonya culture fascinating.

Perhaps this is an aspect that our tourism high flyers would look into,apart fr the gaming dens and half naked dancing gals which I dont quite like.


Anonymous said...

And we can also have a college to upgrade Peasants to Greater Immortals.

In these dire times, anything to stimulate the local economy is welcomed. Beggars cannot be choosers in this bubble economy.

redbean said...

not easy for beggars to be immortals. come to think of it the chief of the 8 immortals was a beggar, or was he?

Anonymous said...


very good suggestion indeed except the part You suggested to get the French Chefs to do nonya cuisines.

Seriously, many Peranakans have given up their traditional cultures and so have the other Races that make-up Singaporeans.
We are already neither East nor West, here or there, clearly nowhere in term of ethnic/racial identity. Please do not suggest anything that will further dilute the identities.

Nonya or Peranakan Culture is indeed truly UNIQUE, especially the cookings. As You have wisely suggested, this particular culture should be revived to its' former glory and rightly make into a tourist/local attraction.

Good idea from You man!


Anonymous said...

Go meditate. Ha ha

Francis Chua, Singapore OK

Anonymous said...

now you are talking ,,,,,survival is best left to the survivors!!!
thinking out of your box finally,,,,,keep on writing your thoughts since you have the pleasure of time to do it.
most of us are working hard to earn our living.

poorman smiling ;)

redbean said...

anyone that is not attending cooking class is working hard.

Jaunty said...

Then what's the course duration of the local cooking class? Need to take 5-weeks' leave or not? I can't go off for 5-weeks without causing any stir to my colleagues. It is not easy to go off just like that in view of my status of a lesser mortal who need to rat-race for a living.

(But, anyway, to me, if a person holding high position in any organization could take 5-weeks' leave without slight difficulty is highly suspicious of his usual contribution. One could be not doing anything all the time to be able to disappear for 5 weeks without the team feeling any impact).

Jaunty Jabber

redbean said...

hi jaunty, you can go on a whole year's leave if you have a team of able lieutenants working for you. it is like a good orchestra. sometimes you wonder whether the conductor is needed. oh, maybe this is a bad example.

a better one will be a football club manager. he can go on leave as often as he likes. the people that matters are the footballers and maybe the coach.

Anonymous said...

The best position will be a minister mentor. The current one admitted he has little to do with running the country, but gets the same pay as before. Interested? Or better still, go for the istana job.

redbean said...

in paradise, you don't work but just make merry. that's what paradise is for the gods and demigods.

Alex said...

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