Child labour is bad

Little children working to earn a few dollars is bad. Their feeble limbs and frail bodies would not take the rough and tough of labour in the factories and sweat shops. Their ignorance will expose them to dangerous situations which they would not know how to avoid. How about the frail bodies of the aged? Is aged labour good or bad? Their frail bodies, lack of nimbleness and dexterity, slow in responding to danger, will put them in unnecessary risks and difficult situations. We need to protect the young from exploitation and unfavourable working conditions. Do we need to protect the old hags? I think exploitation of old labour is just as bad and should not be encouraged. Why are we so happy about getting the old hags to work till they die and not allowing the children to work till they die? We feel sorry to see children put to work. Do we feel sorry to see old hags toiling in their twilight years? Why are grandpa and grandma working?


Anonymous said...

most likely child labour themselves
neglect of govt
high cost of living(progrss)
not enough savings
neglect of highly educated children
cheap labour and ect

what is sad about them is the disrespect shown by younger generations towards them at their places of work especially at food courts and shopping centers(malls for the yuppies).

As long as they are healthy they should continue to work to keep them from boredom and idleness. Of course they should also bow out(completely) with grace when the time come instead of hanging on forever...

redbean said...

if one has a job that pays $1m and a 20% increment annually, it will double every 3 or 4 years. in 30 years it could be something like $500m. i will love to work forever.

the nwc recommendations will only freeze the wage at the worker's level and this level it will be exempted as they would not cost any inflation.

Anonymous said...

child labour is bad, lesbianism is worse. lesbianism is on the rise in sg, the last thing we need is to export our lesbianism to the third world countries. hmmm.