The Bonker's Years

The last few years can best be described as the Bonker's Years. This thing about elitism, about super talents and super pay, about telling the brutal truths to the losers, were getting a bit too far. I think it has reached a point when the people are angry and feeling disgusted with such attitude. It is not just cockiness, but to live it and mean it, is not cute or funny any more. The divide between the haves and the have nots is looking very stark and very ugly. And we got people paying $46k to learn cooking in Paris when people are losing their jobs and incomes. It is time for some soul searching and to embrace the people as one people by actions and deeds. If the elite cannot empathise with the people but seen as being aloof, uncaring, cocky and thinking too highly of themselves, that they are the only worthy human beings and the rest are unworthy human beans, anger can be turned into hatred. Instead of throwing shoes, more vicious acts could be committed. Time to heal the rift by coming down to earth to be really caring and sensitive to the plight of the low down human beans. Cockiness and talking down to the people is becoming a curse and will not be tolerated anymore. It used to be 'Oh, so cute!'


Anonymous said...

The great leaders of PAP have been greatly inspired by Uncle Sam this last decade,"Winners take all lah","Sky is the limit for high flyers lah","we are only interested with people who command high salaries,no matter what and how they do lah",etc,etc.

It is almost as clear as day light now that this has been just a dream,an illusion but not so difficult to spot,as evident by past notices /critical comments fr the alternartive media right here in Singapore,by mainly Ah Beng and Ah Lians some more.

Does the power that be has the will to learn and change,I bet they do,but alas,from past experience,albeit SLOWLY,VERY SLOWLY,definitely not in the speed of internet which they treasure much.


Matilah_Singapura said...

That was just the beginning redbean. Prepare for more fun and games. Level II.

Anonymous said...

its corruption made legal by those in power or in authority !
the people felt bullied but time will change this, the end game is near.
immorality and uncultured as far as I am concerned,,,,,perhaps greedy too ?.


redbean said...

hi poorman,

there is no corruption in paradise. everything is done legally.

Anonymous said...

Anything that seems illegal, just pass a law and make it legal. Simple !!!

redbean said...

for whose benefit is the law passed?

the people must keep asking, whose country, govt for who. who should lead the country for whose benefits?

does this place belongs to the citizens or a few individuals?

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is no more 'country' or 'people'. The 'elites' have used the machinery of The State to usurp the sovereignty of the people and steal the country from under their feet.

This of course didn't occur overnight — but over a course of time by presenting the people with arbitrary 'crises', then by conning the dumbfounded people by telling them that The Government is the only agency which can manage 'crisis' and 'solve problems'.

Every bloody fool knows that the way you stay in a job — relevant and get paid — is if you are of some 'value' to someone else.

The 'elites' stay in power because the people — over time — have come to believe that these elites are the only people who possess the magical powers to solve problems by pulling out the solutions from their Divine Arseholes, (Holy Shit solutions), like a magician/confidence trickster.

There is no such thing as political power without corruption — no matter how much the govt sing-songs about how 'clean' they are. Absolute power corrupts absolutely — this is not just a pithy saying, it is an indisputable fact. Without transparency, checks and balances, the people with all the power will at sometime go 'bad'. It is not that their necessarily 'bad people' (although some of them might be), but it is the system which encourages behaviour.

Therefore any laws made by the super-absolutely-powerful-elite will definitely be in their favour, not that of the people.

If you doubt my arguments, tell me, HOW COME the super-duper-elite don't pass laws and implement systems which will hold them accountable, force them to be transparent and punish those who are guilty?

redbean said...

anyone wants to challenge this street fighter master's wisdom?

i am bowing respectfully.