Bloggers forming an association?

It is reported in the media that a group of bloggers is trying to form an association for bloggers and it has been given the nod by the authority. And it intends to cover the River Hongbao event and other sporting events and is talking to the ministries, probably trying to get permission to do so. I am going to cover any event with or without permission. That is what blogging is all about. You decide what you want to do and what you want to post. Getting approval and permission are the last things in the minds of bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Why form an association? Blogging is a very personal thing. I suppose if there is an association there will be rules and regulations and registration of individual bloggers. The idea is ridiculous. I have 2 blogs and I will never join such an organisation. I am a free agent and I do not wish to belong to any bureaucratic body.

redbean said...

the essence of blogging is freedom, free from any authority. if there is any association, it must be the grouping of free souls, coming together for a chat and fellowship and nothing more.

to regulate, to ask for approval and permission is the anti thesis of blogging.

we are netizens, citizens of a virtual world, not bound by any physical constraints.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers asso.? seem not to understand what blogging is or I am lost.

Anonymous said...

ex-pro-communist thinking bloggers, must follow the leader mindset, cannot trust own brain ?,,,LKY fan,,,,boss is right.

poorman again hahaha,,,,get a life.

DB10 said...

and they are all wearing a white top for their group photo..

Anonymous said...

I am already lost for words. This is like putting a leash around their own neck. Very soon that association will fall into the hands of you know who. And at the top you will find someone from you know where. Some people never learn.

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

hi db10 and lost citizen,

tripartism is good, just like the holy trinity. bloggers, bloggers association and govt. we will be the first to claim credit for it.

another first.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Never join any group who will have you as a member".

I'm still going to fly 'solo' regardless of these bunch of loser assholes.

Anonymous said...

Blogging association ?
Eventually to be in charge by a Minister or bootlicking MP ?

redbean said...

they may want to consider a blogger's party.

we can meet and have beer and ice : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck the blogging collectivists! No life motherfuckers.

As far as parties go, I prefer to attend those with no 'intellectuals' present. Forget beer and ice. and get fucked with the blogging.

Give me instead, spirits, lots of salty and fatty food, and plenty of pussy. Now that's what I call a 'party.'

redbean said...

huh, i am surprise you don't like ice.

green peas said...

This reminds me of how we had started our first Residents' Committee in the early 1970s. We had a small group of enthusiastic people who came out money, time and effort to form the committee for the security of a few blocks of flats in our neighbourhood at Holland Drive.

Now, what has happened to the Residents' Committees? They are nothing but a political tool of the PAP, under the strong-arm of the Peoples' Association, whose Chairman is none other than the Secretary-General of the PAP himself.

The same will also happen to this self-proclaimed Association of Bloggers, basically people from the East Coast from you-know-who's constituency!

I sense that this is one of PAP's secret initiative in their Counter-Insurgency Warfare against the cyberspace users, especially bloggers. Nothing else.

Unless necessary, I will avoid and dissociate myself from it at all costs.

Anonymous said...

smells like PAP!!!!

redbean said...

i saw a picture, presumably of the committee. a group of bubbly young people. what blogging needs is not more rules and regulations. the essence and spirit of blogging is the free soul.

but it is true that some tends to get carried away. a little decorum and propriety will do a lot of good to the world of netizens.