Are there saints running corporations?

Bankers Can be victims, too! Everytime a Singaporean makes a frivolous investment claim against a bank, he undermines thousands of genuine fide cases Dec 31, 2008 This is the heading of an article posted in www.littlespeck.com. The gist of the article is that bankers are also innocent victims to unscrupulous customers. And the bigger picture is that most organisations, including banks, are run by highly righteous and honourable people. What a myth. In my experience, many organisations are headed by unscrupulous thugs. This is the kindest word that I can use. Anyone think otherwise, that there are saints running organisations? Of course there are a rare few that still believe in a little virtues and moral standards and responsibilities. In the name of profit, survival, politicking, all kinds of unspeakable things were done for self preservation. Anyone working in a corporation would have experienced them personally, seen them in practice or been a victim of such thugs. Am I telling the truth a bit too hard?


Anonymous said...

In my experience, many human beans are unscrupulous thugs too.

Of course, there are a rare few that still believe in virtues and moral standards and responsibilities.

In the name of self-interest, profit, surivival, politicking... these beans did all kinds of things for self-preservation.

Anyone on planet earth would have had share in such experiences, seen them in practice or been made ouut a victiim.

The Hermit said...

Can't blame them, especially in Singapore, since they are all just mimicking our most talented, most highly-paid, most world-class leaders.

Mee Siam Mai Hum ok?

redbean said...

i posted this to remind people that we are living in a world that is grey and not black and white. the people who claim to be white and painted others as black are in most cases black as hell.

there are no saints on earth but human beans.

The Hermit said...

Self-praised is a disgrace.

And anyone who calls themselves saint are no doubt insane.

Anonymous said...

Why do they say that it is more difficult for a rich man to go to heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle? Perhaps the wealth of the rich were ill-gotten gains then, but in the present context of the financial crisis, I think the same thing applies, with the filthy rich bankers ripping off the poorer people with their atrocious scams and astronomical rewards. Maybe they think they can buy a place in heaven with the money they cheated.

redbean said...

actually the truth is that there are different heavens for the rich and the poor. they all go to their respective heavens.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Anyone who loses their money because of a "bank investment scheme" deserves what they get.

Banks are cartels protected by the state. The govt and the banks are in a strict cosy relationship:

Govt ==> Central bank ==> commercial banks

The govt sells debt to the central bank which creates money, which is then fed to the commercial banks who create more 'fiduciary media' (credit money) by loans to businesses and consumers.

It is a fucking racket. In a perfect world all parties will be charged with counterfeiting, fraud and criminal intent.

Unfortunately we live in a world where banking and financial systems are directly controlled by the govts, and the de facto world govt -- UN, IMF and World Bank.

If you got screwed at your bank, you deserve it and get zero sympathy from me.

redbean said...

the credit card is charging 24% interest per annum, not much different from the loan sharks. one is legal, one is illegal.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The difference between credi card companies and Ah Loong's is that the CC companies are a PROTECTED GOVERNMENT QUAN XI CARTEL, whereas the Ah Loong is deemed a "criminal" because although he is providing a service, he is outlawed.

Fuck The Government and their cartels.