41,000 jobs available!

In the ST today, 41k jobs available. 20k in hospitality for croupiers, butlers, doormen, chefs, waiters, retail assistants and animal trainers. Health care has 6k jobs for nurses, assistants and physiotherapists. MOE is also looking for teachers and teaching assts. There are 4k retail jobs for sales assts and cashiers. And security officers and auxiliary police need 3.5k people. Singaporeans need not worry about being jobless when so much jobs are available.


Matilah_Singapura said...

All unemployment is voluntary. This is not only my view but the view of economists like von Mises, FA Hayek, and most other free market economists.

People claim that they don't have work because they are:

1. Choosy about the jobs they want

2. Not willing to work for below a certain wage.

Therefore, because of their choices they're out of the labour market.

When your back is against the wall, any job is better than no job.

Our grandparents believed this. They did whatever it took to earn money and bring up their families. In those days there was no 'welfare state' and people didn't go demanding that the govt 'help them'.

Most people today are soft and weak — even though they may jog or go to the gym. Their constitution is weak as are their minds. Every little thing: complain and whine.

The expectations are HIGH, but the willingness to pay the full price for achievement is low. Also they want it NOW. Not like grandpa and grandma who had no problem going without to save for something of greater value to be purchased in the future.

Generally speaking, modern folks chit-chatter and fuck around whilst waiting and for someone (like the govt) to 'save them'. To these losers, the world 'owes' them a living.

Anonymous said...

in life, everyone has to sell or buy something to survive. no one can survive on thin air alone. its opportunities that one must capitalize at or from.
but the environment must be right for it. finally it boils down to one's attitude.
its the humanity part of the individual that counts not unless one behaves like an animal.
survival of the fittest ?,,,maybe maybe not,,,,its situational.
things are getting harder,,,so ?

takmati-lah singapura

Anonymous said...

Hail to Israel proctologist

redbean said...

hi takmatilah singapura,

are you the same as matilah singapura? it looks as you are another blogger. welcome. the anti thesis of matilah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah, there is balance in the universe. I say 'mati', and out of the blue comes an anonymouse rejoinder (perhaps a govt employee?) 'tak matilah' who doesn't make much sense.

Never once did I allude to 'behaving like an animal'. The gist of my post is that no matter what is going on, you're better off working — even for less money, or not in your preferred field — than sitting on a mountain contemplating your navel while your family starves.

Isolate areas of the human condition are 'winner take all' or 'survival of the fittest'. But in general economic life for Joe and Jane Average Citizen is simply going to work and getting the damn job done as best you can so you and your 'customer' can move on with your lives — nothing more complicated than that.

You don't have to be a genius to survive — even prevail — in today's market-society. All you have to do is willing to work and give of yourself to fulfill someone else's need in exchange for the means to enable you to fulfill your needs. (earn money)

No hard-boiled capitalist ever claimed that you will find 'spiritual salvation' in the market. Engaging in paid enterprise is fundamentally a universal peaceful method of dealing with economic realities — i.e. you have to work, to earn to live. If you seek 'spiritual salvation' there are other activities to choose from, but IMO it is better to 'take care of rice bowl' first, and then proceed to temple, church, bar or brothel to find 'spiritual enlightenment'.

I am not ashamed to admit I have in the past worked in low-skilled, low-pay jobs — dirty, smelly an all round unpleasant experience — putting it mildly. But I have always believe that any voluntary market exchange has dignity, and there is a certain self-pride and self-respect involved that I'd rather be doing a job which gets me dirty than beg the government for a hand-out.

To many 'intellectuals' (aka 'elites') these days are snobbish about hard, sweaty work. They expect to get grants and subsidies from the govt so that they can continue to espouse their value-less theories and post-modern de-constructions. The day the public education system fails financially, these lazy fucks will be out of a job. I want to see if they have the character to go out and WORK at something which repels people. For once in their lives they will have no more ivory-towers to protect them. And they will have to labour like the rest of us.

redbean said...

we are waiting for the greatest assistance plan of the century to be unveiled on thursday.