The world then was a different place

When all the banks were selling minibonds and high notes, the world then was a vastly different place. It was like in the 19th Century when the British and the Europeans were selling opium to the Chinese. It was a different world then. America too was a different place when Africans were caught, bought and sold in the market place. At times when everyone is doing it, it is acceptable to join in the fun. When time has caught up, when the moral of the time changes, whatever happens should be relegated to the backyard of history. Let's move on. We are still living in a time when greed is good. It is a time when talents are measured by how much they can command. We will have to wait till this phase of civilisation is over before selling toxic stuff or cheating is found to be criminal. Is it pragmatism, survival instinct, or simple weakness of human beans? Or is it talent at its best, seizing on the opportunities of the moment to make a pile?


Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, are you high again?

Greed will always be a powerful motivator in humans.

What you are worth or what you do is worth will always be a sort of de-facto measurement of your value as a human being. Which means: if you want to be worth more, make yourself more valuable to others.

If you see that a individual's working life is 40 years or more, you will no doubt conclude that there is ample time to improve oneself in many areas: economic capacity, intellect, good nature, health etc etc... and all the other infinite values which humans being seek to achieve, deriving the impetus to do so from certain emotional motivators -- i.e. greed, love, charity, compassion, fear, hope...etc. These act as "drivers" which send us messages to act in certain way so as to change our state -- i.e. we act, by choice, to change our situation.

In the realm of human action, the world is the same place, and isn't likely to change because regardless of dreams of "social engineering" and "morality mandates", it is IMPOSSIBLE to alter human nature.

Same same.

redbean said...

matilah, i think you forget. this is paradise, runs by priests and monks. righteousness and no one will be left behind.

who says we are a free capitalist economy that must behave like one? our GLCs are not the same as the MNCs or western companies. who do you think are the major shareholders?