A world class city of no talents

More are singing the song of no talents in paradise and the soundness of having only a single political party to rule the country. How could there be no talent in a world class city when hundreds of straight As students were sent overseas to Ivy League universities for at least the last 20 years? At 250 a year, we should be having at least 5000 of the brightest living among us. Or are they fake? Their straight As were fake, their first class honours were fake? We are crying that we can only find 10 or 20 of them to serve in the govt and the rest were not good enough or not willing to serve. This is a myth that the simple minded Singaporeans are fed and expected to believe. For every first class doctor or lawyer or engineer in the govt, there will be at least 10 or 50 of them out there with as good a qualification. How can we dismiss the rest as no talent? Actually we are all talking bull. Political talent is not equated with professional talent in other fields. Just because someone is an excellent doctor or lawyer or engineer, does not make the person a great politician or leader of a country. People are gifted with different talents for different things. It is more likely that when one is gifted in one area, it is unlikely that he is equally gifted in other areas, accepted that this is not always the case. Neither is it the case the other way round. Do not think or believe that an excellent doctor, lawyer or engineer will make an excellent politician. This is a fallacy that must not be sold to the masses. We have actually seen the reverse as a bigger truth. Please stop singing the one party song and think. What we need are leaders and good men with a heart for the common people. No need for first class doctors or lawyers or engineers when the heart is not in the right place.


Anonymous said...

yes we are fed well.( when one eat too much, one tends to fall asleep fast)

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