Why no opposition MPs at Hong Lim?

There have been many criticisms on the no show of opposition as well as ruling party MPs at Hong Lim. Let me try to address the opposition side of the unhappiness. Many would have seen this as a golden opportunity for opposition MPs to dig in and side with the people, and score political points. It is a straight forward expectation of how things should be. But look at it closely for a moment. What could the presence of opposition MPs help the distressed investors? I think it will make things worst. They would have politicize the issues and make life more miserable for the investors. By not taking the sides of the investors, the ground is left open for the govt to step in to do the right thing. The govt need not be seen fighting with the opposition for credit or becoming defensive with their presence. And the issues can be handled in a less complicated and proper way. Tan Kin Lian’s presence should not pose too much of a problem as he is just an individual and does not belong to any political party. Is my explanation logical?


Anonymous said...

Remember you are just an extra in everyone else's play.

redbean said...

hi FDR, welcome to the blog.

you are absolutely right on this. we are the calefare in life. the digits in a computer data bank. inconsequential.

that's life huh.