Uncle Ho to the rescue

Marina Sands in trouble? Fear Not. Vegas, Sands or whatever, are not the only casino operators available. If Sands could not complete the job, there is Genting waiting in the wing. And if two Gentings are too much to stomach, we can always invite Uncle Ho from Macao to pay us a visit. I can't remember why he was not allowed to bid for the Marina Sands then. Maybe he was viewed as another SWF, not welcomed. But now that SWF are welcomed the world over with open arms, being courted even by the US and EU, it would not be too much trouble to tell Uncle Ho that he is welcomed to take over from Sands. There will be many suitors waiting in the queue in case Marina Sands throw in the towel. And it could be had for a song. What a great opportunity! Temasek should seriously consider running it on its own, 100% Singapore owned.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Ho was thought to be connected with unsavoury characters, thus not favoured. Now they may change their minds because 'no fish prawn also can' lah!

redbean said...

the more unsavoury characters are those in wall streets and with ivy league degrees. you won't know who you are dealing with until they empty everything that you have.

is minibond familiar?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I must admit I was delirious with black-humoured joy when I read that piece in the State's Times.

I hope Stan, the Russian mafia or Trump buy the project for pennies, or better still -- that the sg.gov NATIONALISES the casino after getting some poor suckers to pay for it!

Pssst... "you can't cheat an honest man!"

Anonymous said...

Haha, they will twist the arms of some suckers to buy it, then sell the shares to Singaporeans and make some money out of it. By then, I think there will be no more entry conditions, with discounts thrown in for shareholders. Huat ah!