A trial balloon or a genuine intent

This talk of a single party political system, is it real or just a trial balloon? If it is real, if the ruling party thinks that this is the way to go, I think we really need a referendum on this. The political system of the country must be decided by the people, not by a small group of wise men who thought they are wise enough to decide the future of the country and the lives of the people. From the way TOM is generating more news that favours such a system, it gives the impression that there are people who seriously believe in it and wanted to change it. And the sleeping opposition parties and all the learned men in our midst are also sleeping. Would there be any learned man of some stature who dares to speak out on this foolish idea?


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you are forever talking about referendum. Do you know what? You will never never get a referendum in Singapore. The govt will decide for you and that is that. Just be thankful that all the decisions that have been made for you have been beneficial to Singapore. So, would you kindly not mention the word "referendum" again in any of your posts?

Anonymous said...

LHL was speaking in his capacity as SecGen of PAP with party cadres as his primary audience (ostensibly). Our MSM gave the talk too much prominence, resulting in the confusion. It is only political propaganda, so no referendum needed.

redbean said...

i know that whatever i said has no significance and will not change anything. but say it i must. i will keep saying it just like i will keep saying cpf is my money even if i don't get it back.

the tom is doing a good service by telling the people the thinking of the party and the direction it is taking us. i take the speeches of our leaders very seriously and they are not known to be jokers. oh, there are exceptions.

Anonymous said...

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