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Time to spend

In good time we spend because money was aplenty. In bad time we lagi need to spend to help the economy. For those who don't have much cash, look into your CPF. There are plenty of money there and it is time to do national service. Use them to revitalise the economy. Go for a stay in the hospital for a good annual checkup, if you can charge it to the Medisave. Or those who have serious illnesses and are not treating it, treat it now. Maybe with recession, the hospital may charge a little less. Then those who are planning to buy a flat, go for it now, and use your CPF. Buy before the price comes down. There is also the spend first pay later schemes like going for a holiday or charging to the credit cards. Do something for the country now. Such benevolent acts will help the economy from going down and the suppliers of goods and services very happy.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention foot massages and eating at restaurants and foodcourts.

kpkb toc said...

I see an opportunity, cripple the economy , may be change might occur in high up... ha ha ha... dreaming of Obama girl.

Anonymous said...

The rich should set an example first. Go for plastic surgery, colour their hair instead of leaving it white, more botox injections etc. Don;t taunt the poor lah! They cannot afford that.

redbean said...

there are better place than massaging the foot i think: )

and the new look is obama and palin look. some colouring and extraction of fat on the face will do the work.

hi kpkb toc, welcome to the blog.
while the world's economy goes down, ours will stand strong. don't worry.

Anonymous said...

The more you spend the richer you get!

Anonymous said...

Stop saving, peeps!

Release the CPF funds!

Anonymous said...

Legalise all multi millionaires, ministers, etc to import many mistresses from Vietnam, china, indonesia to Singapore. The effect of buying from houses, cars, furniture to cosmetic and viagra will definitely better than the poor spending more. atlease may also solve some babies problem.

Anonymous said...

The key is to spend wisely, and to invest prudently.
There is always opportunity in any crisis.

Francis Chua, Singapore
Nov 07, 2008

redbean said...

i am going to do a merger and acquisition of all the foot massage parlours and list them in the stock exchange.

Anonymous said...

governments love their keynes don't they

Matilah_Singapura said...

What is the point of yur post redbean?

If you don't spend, you can't live.

It's as simple as that!

redbean said...

i was just talking cock. why must there be a point whenever someone said something? i just have to post something, so i posted. it is so nice to just talk cock. it will be better if everyone can have a big laugh at it.

is that difficult to accept?

Anonymous said...

Some PAP supporters will end up spending even less money. I think they are thinking ,let others spend 1st, let others die 1st. Just a bunch of self-interests types. I hope to see Mr Goh paying 4 a foot massage.(my prejudiced thought) talk is free, walk the talk lah.And then there are other really generous Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

The last time, this was said, if you are retrenched, why worry, you can go and learn to "chay kwai teow" He said it a merely manner and making it sounds so easy and simple.

Now he said, those who can afford it- go spend. Who are those who can afford it?

That guy with his retirement monies knows he is not going to spend it. It was never PAP policies to enrich their own citizens in first place. They buy overseas businesses eg $400 mil to ABC Australian which just went belly up)

Those who can afford - go spend Only Temasek can afford.

Anonymous said...

What they touch is now turning to dust. It's the 'jinx'.

redbean said...

now i know why the hardlanders are forever hardlanders. they live life wrongly. the trick is to spend and spend to get rich.

they must learn to live like the rich.

Anonymous said...

They spend on overseas businesses rather than invest in you or me or heartlanders. Why? They dont trust their own ppl? They truely believe overseas ABC companies can make ore profits? Why must they buy overseas businesses all the time? Why? Local no good? Was it a giveaway?

If investing in a company is about making profit from purely commercial pursuit - Why are Singapore companies not good enough?

Time to spend? ... sadly not on you or me but some lame companies overseas..

Anonymous said...

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