Time for a minority PM

There were many discussions about the eventuality of a minority PM in govt. This is a rather sensitive issue that is close to the hearts of the minorities. It is only a natural human instinct that they want to see their own kind becoming successful, rising to the peak of any profession. And as the number of the minorities grows in strength, the voice will be louder. The rooting for a minority PM should not be seen as a racial thing. It is just their aspiration. But if the majority takes a stand that the PM must be from the majority, then it may be seen from a different light, maybe a racist thing. So the majority should not talk too much about such an issue and let the minorities air their 'grievances', a bit of letting off the steam. From my observation of events, it would not be long before a minority PM be elected by popular vote. We have excellent minority ministers in the like of Tharman, Vivian and Shanmugam. They stand a head above the others in terms of leadership quality, charisma and eloquence. And professionally they are the cream of their profession. All they need is to turn on their offensive charm. And knowing the shallowness of the majority politicians in politics, though they all believe that they are shrewd and inborn politicians, they will soon vote for a minority PM. As far as politiking is concerned, the majority is at best naive or plainly inadequate. Look at all the interest groups and associations and it is no surprise that the one that is calling the shot is often from the minority. Anyone from the majority that assumes the position of chairman or president is likely to be a pet of the real power holder. Another point in favour of the minority is that the majority are also believers in meritocracy. And when they see a better candidate than themselves, they will be the first to give the candidate their full support. My advice to the minorities is to be impatient. A minority PM is a high probability. And they may get a bonus, with a minority President and a minority PM at the same time. They need not wait for long.


Anonymous said...

i think people will be comfortable to have a local born to head the govt, and we are not ready for the fts to do that yet. we can source and acquire talents for other members of our cabinet team, but i will be comfortable if our number one is singapore born, not china, india, kenya or hawaii.

Matilah_Singapura said...

One thing you gotta laugh about The Racially-Centered Sheeple...

Obabma is half-white. However it is his "blackness" (50%) that has helped him. OK, he cuts a great figure in a suit, and is a superb speaker... but there is no denying that being "black" (50%) is "better that" (???) being "white".

Man the sheeple are really dumb. This includes the "white" bleeding-heart tree-hugging Birkenstock wearing sheeple.

Anonymous said...

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