Tan Kin Lian offers a great opportunity

The declared intent of Tan Kin Lian to enter the political arena offers a great opportunity for our political system to progress to the next level of maturity, a multiparty system with equally good men and women from both sides. If another 20 people of Tan Kin Lian's calibre will to step forward, then we will see more genuine representation of the people's interest at the national level. Politics will could or should become less abrasive but more sophisticated, a big departure from the gutter politics that we see today. The future of Singapore lies in its ability to evolve and adapt from the best political systems that are available. Under the present mindset of I am the only solution, the thinking is so skewed to the extent that people could not see any further than two fingers ahead of them. We are hearing views that either we have a one party or multi party and nothing else. We are what we are today because of our adaptation to what is available. We should seek to embrace the best of different systems as all have their dangers and flaws. A one party system is as treacherous as a multi party system. Flirting with the thought of a one party system at this point of our political development can only come from a inflexible mind. We are a multi party system but with a strong leadership to see things through, without going too far like an authoritarian state. If we become a one party state, things may not be what it is like today. It is scary that people are denouncing the merits of a multi party system wholesale and the choice is either or. Quite an extremist and naive approach in my view.


Anonymous said...

'If we become a one party state, things may not be what it is like today'

Exactly. Right now, even though our vote has been largely neutralised via the GRC system, they are still wary of a freak result and the loss of a GRC. The one party state will render that fear irrelevant and you can never guess what kind of changes they have in mind with absolute power in their hands.

Tan Kin Lian said...


Thank you for an interesting observation. I hope that my involvement can make a difference in creating a better political climate in Singapore.

One day, we may be like the USA. The candidates are gracious towards each other, and are even willing to work together, after the election, for the betterment of their country.

This positive attitude will encourage more people to come forward to serve the country.

Tan Kin Lian

Anonymous said...

Well said, How current leaders' brain function only revolve around money. Logic thinking is prehistoric and near extinction.


redbean said...

hi kin lian and redman, welcome to the blog.

we have progressed for 45 yrs in every field of endeavour. thanks to the pap. but the political arena is one area that we are still hentak kaki, not moving, and now with signs of going backwards.

the participation of good decent men and women in our political system is not only good for the people, but also for the pap. at least they know that they can deal with honourable people in a gracious manner. it gives them an opportunity to be gracious. the other prospect is to make the system so harsh and unfriendly that one day another thug will emerge, more ruthless, to wipe the slate clean.

the ruling party owes the people and our future generation a responsibility to create a political system that is kind, gracious and sustainable, where good men and women from all parties will come forward to participate as honorable opponents.

what we have today is a system that invites only those who have nothing to lose, and will battle fiercely with no qualms of the consequences. and this is bad.

now with kin lian taking the first step, i really hope that more and better people will step forward to give this drive a little boost. i also hope that liitle things will not be used to stuff out this little spark.