Quibbling over taxi charges

There were two letters in the ST forum on the various charges that commuters need to pay for taking taxis. With the economic situations getting bad, many are trying to find ways to save a few cents if they could. The two letters made suggestions to the taxi operators to waive these surcharges or that fees to make it less expensive. Strange that these people who can afford to enjoy taking taxis will be bothered with these small charges. I cannot afford to take taxis so I choose to take MRTs. Much cheaper and can save dollars instead of cents. I am sure many of you will agree with me that if cannot afford, one should not take taxis. If want to take taxis, then be prepared to pay the price. If everyone can afford to take taxis, then the roads will be congested again and more ERPs will be up. Let the price mechanism determines who shall have a free ride down the expressways, who shall ride on taxis, who shall take MRT and buses, and who shall ride bicycles or walk. There is a price for everything.


Anonymous said...

I think you are jealous because you cannot afford to take taxi. Sorry Redbean you are condemned to the buses and the MRT.

Taxis are only for the elite, too high-class for the likes of you.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Just because some people belly ache doesn't mean the govt has to act.

Let people scream, yell and complain. Sooner or later they'll understand that the world is not going to change to suit their views or values.

redbean said...

hi anonymous, do know how the interior of a pte car looks like or feel like? or you want me to drive you around to get a feel of it?

Anonymous said...

Those who can afford to take taxis, and therefore are considered high-class should not quibble over taxi charges. Leave the quibbling to those downtrodden who have to take buses and MRT.