Myth 197 - No freedom of expression

Recently there seems to be a lot of complaints that Singapore is very uptight and lack of freedom of expression. People even got worried about what kind of T shirts they are wearing. Where is the sense of humour? Huh, what's humour? I think it is all a mis representation. I have all the freedom of expression that I need here, writing my forum/blog. I can even call Bush an idiot. No one has ever said that I can't write such stuff. We are very free actually, and very mature as a people.


Anonymous said...

Freedom of expression is only allowed if you condemn certain people and heap praise on certain people. You are free to say all the good things about certain group but as soon as you utter a little criticism you will be hauled to court and sued till you go bankrupt. Yes, you have freedom of expression, but only in one direction. Maybe we should call it "half freedom of expression". Oh btw, the judiciary of Singapore is sooooo unbias and clean!!! We are so lucky.

redbean said...

Matilah_Singapura said...
There is no freedom of any kind until the state is pro active in securing those freedoms in law.

To say there is NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IN SINGAPORE is inaccurate. Freedom of expression in Singapore is LIMITED by definitions in the Penal Code.

(matilah, i have to delete your examples. not too nice).

November 28, 2008 12:53 PM

Anonymous said...

you are playing with words again.

Let see if you explanation stands.
If a gov take $100 from you and return back $10 to you, can you say the gov is kind or not kind ? Is there such thing as limited kindness ?

From your explanation, you can't say the gov is not kind, because he returning you the paltry money. And yet you can't say the gov is kind because the gov merely exploiting you.

redbean said...

i am offering the people 8% interest rate if they keep their money with me for 100 years. and the option is irreversible.

am i kind?

Anonymous said...

"i am offering the people 8% interest rate if they keep their money with me for 100 years. and the option is irreversible.
am i kind?"

Of course, you are kind to offer such a deal. But will our money-loving and crappy gov be "kind enough" to make this a option ?

If the gov give option, I consider they already kind to us. Unfortunately they force it on use whether we like or not.

no thank to your wonderful offer for just merely 8% for 100years. The future money of Singapore is simply worth Banana money going the way and stupidity of our tax and reserve spend on poor investment.
Even hade currency will give better value than Singa currency in another century.