Melamine in our backyard?

While the world is engrossed in the melamine scare, do we have the same problem in our backyard? I am not too sure. From some of the snippets that I have heard, the story goes like this. In order to keep goreng pisang and fried chicken wings from turning limp after hours on the shelf, the hawkers just throw a plastic bottle into the boiling oil before throwing in the pisang and chicken wing. And the melted plastic, probably melamine, will coat these foodstuff with a layer of plastic to keep them hard and firm. When you bite into them you know that it is not the natural crispyness, but hardness. The AVA should take a look at the pasar malam stalls selling such products and ensure that they are not plastic or melamine coated.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the AVA will tell Singaporeans everything is safe because we have a world class system in place etc etc. Did they not tell us that the recent melamine scare in China did not affect products sold in Singapore, when it was first reported.

Luckily I did not swallow that assurance. Just trust yourself and avoid such stuff when rumours swirl around them. Quite often the rumours turn out to be true. Only thing is we still live in a world of denial.