I am convinced

I was not too convinced even with the regular gaffes coming from George Bush that the democratic process of electing leaders is not workable. Now we are seeing another Bush in Taro Aso, making as many gaffes as Bush in a single day. Then in Europe you have Sarkozy that is not cut out to be a President but more a socialite. The other aspects of failed democracies are the less than able leaders being elected for queer reasons all over the world. And democracy, without power and good leaders, will fail badly like what we are seeing in Thailand today. We must thank ourselves for the great political system that we have in throwing the best leaders from a land that is lack of talents. I am now convinced that we should have a one party system, and do away with elections forever. Oh, election within a one party system should still take place, not the multi party democratic election. In that way we can ensure that only the best leaders are kept in power to help run the country for as long as they can. Our model will be the model for the rest of the world to emulate and to reject at their own risk.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Democracies eventually fail. Either that or they lead to social dislocations and unrest, or better yet (for the great entertainment value) — war. (e.g. Nazi Germany)

A benign dictatorship while hardly the paradigm for "freedom and liberty" is politically better — especially when the dictator is at least an adherent to economic reality — i.e. natural law which cannot be trifled with.

All politics are horrible, because whatever or whoever the power is can simply take away the rights of individuals with impunity. As long as "the political authority" push the people not beyond the point of revolt, the powers-that-be can get away with a lot of tyranny.

Best case: No govt. Anarcho-capitalist. Country completely private society whose assets are owned by the people themselves.

2nd best case: Small minarchist state, most of the country completely privately owned by each of the people. Govt strictly limited in its powers. Govt has no power to tax. Taxes are decided by referendum. (e.g. "we need to build a road. Cost $5m". Go to the people, who vote yes or no and how much they are willing to pay). Switzerland used to be this way. Many of the cantons still are.

3rd contender (better than the political alternatives): Benign dictator who understands economics, and therefore allows and promotes free markets, private enterprise, open labour markets, lightly regulated financial markets, open borders, low rate of taxation.

Dictator essentially keeps the money grabbers or mooching bums from forming political parties whose eventual aim is to steal from the rich and re distribute the stolen goods to whoever it favours.

Bash S'pore and the govt if you choose. Always bear in mind that it could be worse. Also bear in mind that because certain civic and political freedoms are prevented, there is NOTHING STOPPING THE DICTATOR from raping and pillaging the ENTIRE commonwealth of the society.

redbean said...

the purposes of some of the tooth i said is to a little extent to prevent it from getting worst.

the greatest sin to commit is to praise the foolhardies and the not too great and make them think that they are damn great. it will only accelerate the fall.

and this is exactly what is happening to america under bush. his kakis kept telling him how great america was and he was, and he believed and they believed too.

redbean said...

oh i must add, it is ok for the children to believe whatever they want to believe, for they know not what they think they know.

Anonymous said...

Yes! let's have only PAP and every constituency has at least 2 PAP candidates for us sheep to vote on. Like this we are truly democratic.

Anonymous said...

One constituency with 2 PAP canidates? Oh yeah, so they can say that Singaporeans still enjoy democracy and right to vote. Good idea. Hooray for a one party political system. I am sure at least 66.66% will give their beloved support. The rest do not vote can or not? Wasting their time lah!

The Hermit said...

How can any other countries emulate Singapore's one party state? Other than China, there ain't so many FamiLee around. Ramlee of Ramlee burger from Malaysia counted as Lee?