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A home song - 7

The legend of Sago Lane She’s the legend of Sago Lane A haunting figure of the past Before the sunrise she was there Heaving and pushing her towering wares She had no recollection of her years Did not remember anyone that was dear What she did today, tomorrow and thru the years She did the same everyday, and every year She could be a good looker for all you know The darling daughter of a mother, we were told Or the pride of some dashing suitors already past Never would she know how things had gathered dust Her stature had diminished with the ravages of time Standing with a stiff hunch, she was half her height With cardboards stacked high in her cart Stretching her neck, she could see not much ahead Chorus In a city without tears Where the wealthy indulged all thru the years Parties and celebrations in glittering lights There’s another world in the city, under the amber glow of backstreet lights. The above is copyrighted by redbean


Anonymous said...

Hell no... it can't be Phil Collins' 'another day in paradise'

redbean said...

wow, i be glad if it is another day in paradise. i will be very rich.

can't remember how the lyrics go.

redbean said...

oh, just took a peep on the lyrics.

think mine are all too long. maybe i should shortened them a little.


Matilah_Singapura said...

A great idea for a theme night at that famous boutique hotel would be a "Death House Gala". All those gay fans of Sago Lane can dress up and party gaily all night long.

I'll bet not too many people have ever seen the inside of a Sago death house. I have. It's an experience I'll never forget... however I'm sure a little musical tribute is in order.

Afterall, death is the best of all entertainment experiences!

Anonymous said...

thank god for being dumb!:)

redbean said...

the new version of sago lane is called hospices. the days when the immigrants were lonely souls, without families, and when death is calling, sago lane was the place to go.

they went, and every day waiting....