A home song - 6

Eternal Child For 2000 years I have no intent of returning The ethereal world was all peace and harmony All sound and light and no fury Nothing to stress out, nothing to fear Now I am told and on my way To the earthly place I bear no memory I descend through the layers of time and space The scents of matter bring me to my sense Oh mother earth, here I come Your eternal child of another time Bless me with all your loving kindness For a life within your arms I’m now hovering on the ceiling Staring at the lights I’ve long not seen Bright lights that blind, brightness of a different kind The woman lying there, shall bear me a new beginning Why shall there be so much agony, and pain Even before I set foot on earth again I hear her cry, my spirit shivers and wants to die This is not the place for me to start again Oh mother earth, don’t wait for me Your eternal child of another time I can’t bear to know what lies ahead for me I shall miss this reunion and return to where I rather be The above is copyrighted by redbean

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