A home song - 4

Mas, Mas Selamat A warm tropical night, along the western shore A flickering light, and the sound of oar The boat hit sand, and they waded ashore Three shadows wavering on glistening water, nothing more For three years, they kept him, behind closed doors No one sees him, only his plans, To blow up planes landing in Changi Our gateway to the world, were known to all Food were plenty, they feasted him But wines and songs, were not for him They adore him, what a fellow When he’s confined, living in his own shadow The guards came down, out of the window He hit, toilet rolls on the ground Over the fences he flew, stealthily like a cuckoo His freedom run was more a walk, just for fun Chorus: Where are you Mas, Mas Selamat Tell us please We need a little peace Spare us your plans and let us live in one piece. The above is copyrighted by redbean


Anonymous said...

The lyrics sucks, good attempt but it sucks.

redbean said...

haha, i ain't a song writer lah.

anyway, feel free to improve on them : )

i am not a supertalent that is talented in everything.