A home song - 3

45 years and more The crowd came, hungry and lost Pleading that I be their boss I led, they follow, no question ask, not a single doubt For they trust, I the boss For the hungry, they I fed For the jobless, work I gave The uneducated, schools I built, an education they got Most of it all, it's dignity they had My hair grows white, my hearing fails My eyes weaken, so my sight No longer do I think, nor see the things I see Never will I need to hide Where are they who came to fight Where are they who crumbled, left in flight They made me mighty as they humbled themselves And trembled at my sight Chorus For 45 years, I'll said it all Things need done, I'll done it all Take me on, I'll beaten them all 45 years on, I am waiting for more The above is copyrighted by redbean


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to pass on,
for I have praised myself too much,
No gratitude did I got,
when i am gone you may appreciate me much,
so enjoy the fruits I had labour for my bunch.

redbean said...

sounded like another version of my way : )