God has the final say

We need a good political system to ensure our viability. Many gods have spoken on what is the best system for us to go forward. Demigods also have spoken of their ideal systems. All the systems on the table look quite similar, all very godly. Do the people have any say as to which system is good for them? Who shall decide what is good and bad for the people? Or put it in another way, shall we let the gods and demigods decide on a system which is good for the gods and demigods, and maybe good for the people also? Or shall the people say, look, look, we are also owners of this place and we want to decide for ourselves what is good for us. We don’t need to buy your godly ideas. Ultimately who shall have the final say for their own well beings and the future of this country? The gods, demigods or the beans?


Anonymous said...

You DO have a say in what system is best for you. Of course you have and for the past half a century it was the people of Singaore who made that choice. It was through the ballot box. Singaporeans have time and time again voted in the best govt for them. What more can ou say. In the last GE it was by a majority of 66.6%.

Now stop bitching and live with it. The people of Singapore have spoken.

redbean said...

come to think of you, you are right. it is the best we are having, now.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is most Beans see but turn blind, hear but turn deaf, speak but not what they really mean. Worst of all most don't want to participate when counted.