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FT PM also can consider

I posted about the possibility of a minority PM and issues like keeping foreigners as PRs as well as having different PMs for different ethnic groups. I am not having much of a discussion, or interest shown in them. Is it a case of distinterest or apathy? Anyone agree or disagree with what I have said? I taunted by saying that the 3 Indian ministers are better than the rest of the majority and I thought this will provoke some reactions. Maybe everyone agrees huh? Or maybe not. Maybe all our locals are not good enough and we should be looking at the new citizens, the FTs that are presumably better than the locals and are here to save us and provide us with better genes. The first foreign talent I have in mind is Gong Li. She is making a lot of money and well known internationally. How? At least she makes more money than any of our ministers and should qualify as a supertalent. The next possible candidate is Taksin. A former PM looking for a job and a home. And he has proven himself more than worthy in all areas to be a possible PM. I think he will have no problems blending in here as he has been here many times. And he has money! Hey, how about Vijay Singh? He was here before, like Obama in Indonesia. He should feel very comfortable being one of us. And he is a supertalent as well, making a lot of money and world famous. These are candidates that we can identify with. And there are many more who are already citizens and living with us. I think our talent pool is much richer now with all the FTs who have turned citizens.


Anonymous said...

Our locals are lamb chops exception of afew opp. leaders.

We must free ourself from fear of political supressions or we will become like those in Myanmar.

"If you suspect a man, don't employ him, and if you employ him, don't suspect him. "

Anonymous said...

Helen Clark, ex NZ PM will be a suitable choice. And much cheaper too, besides being less corruptible. Who says you cannot get cheap and good stuff?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gong Li for PM! Chow Yun Fatt also can.

If local talent then Jack Neo.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean can or not? The Ang Mo one lah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

The position of Pm and the whole cabinet should be scrapped completely as soon as possible.

Sack the bastards, put in a management team, and sell parliament house so that it can be turned into a nightspot or some fancy apartments.

redbean said...

helen clark or george bush, also can. no sweat. arnold swarzerneggar, sorry my wrong spelling for this name, would be more interesting.

Anonymous said...

joseph estrada and mathatir were very dynamic and charismatic leaders who have good knowledge of this region.. the foreign talents here would root for them.