Another issue ,another Tan Kin Lian in the making

The neglect or non recognition of the pre school teachers is starting to stir. Dr Christine Chen, President of the Association for Early Childhood Education is making a call for all the childcare teachers to come together to fight for their neglected cause. And since no one is interested in them except for some lip service, they would rather take the future of their profession into their own hands. Don't be surprise that the next group of people mounting the mounds of Hong Lim Park will be your childcare teachers. Many of them are quite well qualified, with diplomas and degrees and even PhDs but chose to look after children for the love of them and passion. Let's see whether their cause will be taken up and who will take the lead.


Anonymous said...

There is a saying, "Children are our future."
If anyone claim to love a child, he must love that child unconditionally.
Which means, whether that child has prodigious talent, or is disabled, or is gay, or is not father by him,
his love for the child must never waver.
The truth is, 100 years from now, every child, will grow into an old wrinkled-skin elderly.
If anyone claim to love a child, he must love that child 100 years from now, unconditionally.

Francis Chua
Nov 05, 2008

redbean said...

hi francis,

it is easier to love a child when the child is young and adorable. and parental love is such that even if a child is not so adorable, the love of a parent for his/her own child is unexplainable.

however, a child that is 100 year old is not that easy to love. at that age, he/she is no longer a child but an individual : )