Abuse and wastage of technology

We apply satellite technology to track taxis around the island. We also apply the same technology to tell people how to go from point A to B in this 700 sq km of rock. We wired the island to tell drivers that it would take 5 or 10 minutes to reach somewhere along his destination when you can reach the other end of the island in 30 minutes. We wired the city to tell drivers where got car parks. These are abuses of technology and a big waste of money. Technology and equipment cost money. Then there is the regular maintenance, servicing, repairs, replacement etc. Who is paying for them? Even in MRT stations, you can see technology everywhere. Many are unnecessary or a cheaper form will suffice. They have tried mobile TVs in the train and failed miserably. Last night I heard another childish gadget is going to be installed in the trains. The SMRT is trying out an electronic station map to let passengers know where they are and which is the next station, and which train line they are on, electronically wired to the trained grid. And to make it meaningful and readable to all the commuters, which probably 1% will need it, these expensive and high tech gadgets will be installed generously along the walls of the trains. Who is paying for these toys? I remember that whenever a train approaches a station, they will be a voice calling out the station's name. And before the train moves on, the same voice will say, 'next station, Bishan or City Hall'. Not good enough? Please tell us how much these new toys will cost the commuters. Yes, the commuters will be paying for such bright and ingenious ideas that only super talents can come out with and find them necessary and futuristic, befitting a world class transport system conveying third world illiterate workers. And with such great improvements, fares will have to go up to match the technology.


Anonymous said...

It is not whether the voice announcements on the train is good enough, it is the ego of having something new that others do not have yet. Money is not a problem, because here in 'kiasuland' you just up the fares or the fees and the problem is solved. Very simple, very unique and very workable in every possible situation.

Singapore is still like a teenager, infactuated with any must-have thing to stay a step ahead, at all cost. They don't call us 'kiasuland' for nothing.

Anonymous said...

We are always number one - to stay number one we must rejunenate ourselves .

F1 then - Volvo round the world yachting race - I was told $12 million budget was set aside to welcome the fleet - $10 million can buy 20 $500K luxury yacht - why throw away such good money in a party. Besides how much satay can you eat till you bloat. How much does a filipinos band costs? how much decoration and typical good for nothing side shows costs? This is waste extravagrant waste. Guess who runs the show? You know.

F1 in the air soon. What the budget? $450 million?

redbean said...

i don't like to use the word stupid. nobody like to hear this word on them. but this and the last few hair brain ideas, electronic boards on the road sides, are simply stupid.

my apologies for saying this. i am deeply sorry to say this.

and this does not apply to the one who conceptualise the silly idea. it applies to those who bought the idea and think that it is a brilliant idea to even want to put it on trial

running out of ideas?

Anonymous said...

wastage of technology please watch 60minutes doc. @cbshttp://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4578874n