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06.06.06 and 66.6 are ominous signs

Too coincidental, too bad. Believers of these signs will say, 'I tell you so.' These are signs that may not be relevant to the non believers. But these are not the only signs that are appearing since the ominous day of 06.06.06. Things are happening and getting more serious in nature. The very first inkling of things going awry was the Wee Shu Min episode. This established the kind of discord and the distancing of the elite from the losers in paradise. The divide was not only widening but became public. Then came NKF, Mas Selamat, delay of CPF withdrawal, the ERPs, no pay rise for the workers, high prices of everything, and now the financial crisis. I must not forget to mention the banning of a cycling event in a park. Though these events were trying, testing to the govt, they could be handled and turned towards the govt's favour. Unfortunately every single event was handled in a way that left much to be desired. The consequences were the lost of political capital. Wonder if there is any left in the bag for the next general election. To make matters worst, the comments from the leaders were less than enlightening. Often people felt so hurt by them that they reacted by ridiculing the speakers. Throughout our independence, never have our leadership been found so wanting, so wishy washy in tackling problems and in siding with the wrong side, not on the side of the people. The leaders may think that they were speaking from a legalistic or factual point of view and expected the people to see the logic and wisdom of their words. Would the people be so rational and so sheepish, and accept the profound wisdom, and move on? Apparently the people are dumbfounded.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, please be very careful what you write. Stay clear of certain topics. Just a friendly adice.

Anonymous said...

where did you pull the numbers from? i dun see the relevance

redbean said...

thanks anonymous for your concern. i was just making an observation on how things could have been done better. it is sad that it keeps spiralling down, unnecessary but somehow they happened, as if unavoidable.

even the minibond case need not go this way. in the past it would have been tackled right from the start and the govt would have come up on top of the situation.

redbean said...

hi anonymous, don't get serious with these numbers. i am pulling them out just for a bit of fun. only the superstitious will swear that they mean something and they will try to discover more of such numbers.

ok the first was the day the result of the last GE was announced. the second was the 66.6% of majority votes. and if you want another one, the june inflation number was 6.6%.

now, please be calm and don't panic : )

Anonymous said...

I repeat Redbean - Right from Wee Shu Min elitist's episode till today our lost of $$$$ in investments ($400 million in Australia's ABC), the state continue to handle affairs treating SIN like stupid ppl.

*anonymous* #01 -Are you in their paycheck and have to suck? Your big brother attitute is typical of the type of politics which we dont want.

The country need more like transparency and less of the type like #01 anonymous.

#01 anonymous. To redbean - 666 mean Luck x3 To you it is likely suck x3

Anonymous said...

09.09.09 is comming only 10 months away...

Matilah_Singapura said...

I've discovered that I have the mark "666" on my head.

Hail Satan, Lord of Darkness!

redbean said...

all these numbers mean different things to different people. don't take them seriously.

even in the case of events. a good thing may not be a blessing. a bad thing may bring about a good turn.

the mystery of life.