YOG - Whole NATION must be involved

The CEO of the Singapore YOG committee, Goh Kee Nguan, is calling the whole Nation to be involved in the Youth Olympic Games. Wait a moment. If Singaporeans do not know what is a Singaporean, do they know what is the meaning of a Nation? Does the Nation includes citizens, PRs and all the foreign talents and workers working here? Who will be involved? If we are thinking of an all inclusive society, shall we include everyone here, citizens or non citizens, every residents? We have taken for granted the meaning of Singaporeans and it now loosely even include PRs and residents. Even Singaporeans do not know the meaning of being a Singaporean. I am sure the word 'Nation' will stump everyone here. We shall rise as a Nation. Sounds quite hollow and empty isn't it? Are we a nation? After 43 years of nation building...


Anonymous said...

Redbeans, there will be new energy which you dont want to dough or put down too early. Give them a break. They are arrow to do the job and they may not be the best man on it. Besides to move agenda fast, very little time is given to intellectualise the process aka SIN way. There are more important issues - How much is all these building up for Formula 1 cost the nation financially? You should point there. How much? I imagine they cost millions plus millions. Can you imagine how much YOG will costs? Nation rise how about pay rise.

redbean said...

i am not referring to the ceo but how the general singaporeans look at the concept of nation and being a singaporean.

does a nation or being singaporean mean anything to them with the onslaught of foreigners here and the importance placed on foreigners?

Anonymous said...

As someone living in Hougang, I now do not know how to classify myself?

An old soul in WP once said in Hokien at one of their rallies in 2006, which translated roughly means: when they want you to be a filial son at the funeral they will call you, but when they want to distribute the estate of the deceased they conveniently forget about you. How apt!

redbean said...

this is a common experience. when people are eating sharksfin, you have no share. when people are shitting everywhere, you are called upon to clean the shit : )

oscar676 said...

I wanted to be involved in deciding whether ministerial pay should go up. I wanted to be involved before GST was raised to help the poor. I wanted to be involved in stopping the compulsory annuity from being pushed thru.
I really wanted to be involved.
But would they let me?
Now ask me to carry balls?

MovieMon said...

Well said, Singaporeans - what Singaporeans? The native born, residents, naturalised? It is as if the politicians use the definition to fit their purpose - when to add more numbers to thin out the unpleasants, or to shoulder the unbearables.

redbean said...

hi oscar676 and moviemon,

welcome to the blog.

your sentiments are felt by many locals and they are very angry. would the govt come to its senses and do things to soothe this unhappiness among the people?

it is not that the locals are outright against foreigners. it is the way they are being packaged and the numbers that are being brought in and elbowing out the locals from everywhere.