The wrong vibration

The mantra of foreign talents is still being sung in high places. We need a new vibration. We need more concerts, arts festivals, F1s, bohemian corners, pot parties, gay parties, yatch racing etc etc. We need to fill up the Esplanade and the museums. These are the kinds of vibrations we are expecting to befit a first world city. Black tie parties, wine drinking and beautiful women in their expensive fineries. What kind of vibrations are we getting? The Geylang kind, the vibrations of litter, noise and stench. And we have little Geylangs aroung the islands. We are a first world city within a city of sleaze. We have kept the foreign workers in dormitories in graveyards and secondary jungles or industrial parks. But when these run out, or when the number can no longer be contained, we are going to see them swimming in the plummest corners of paradise. Serangoon Garden is only the beginning. They will move nearer to us as a matter of time. Nice vibration.


inROME said...

welcome to 1st world club. Are we there really? or just an illusion. Modern civilization or western globalization! Losing Asian values everywhere.
need New Vision for asian civilization.

redbean said...

the dormitories should be built nearer to bukit timah, tanglin and inside the CBD. only then will we be able to tell the difference.

it will be nice to see them spending their leisure around the esplanade or in orchard road.

redbean said...

hi inrome,

welcome to the blog. and welcome to the 1st world : )

Anonymous said...

Seems so unfair. You want the FW to come to your island to help you with the economy and your Singapore dream, but when it comes to housing them they become a hot potato that no one wants in his backyard. You ARE a selfish lot!!!!

redbean said...

by nature human beans are selfish animals. as long as their interests are not affected they can be very generous. but once their intersts are at stake they will sing a different song.

but there are exceptions, of course. but even the exceptions will change their stance when they are put on the chopping block.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually S'pore could use more "vibrations". It is too orderly, too sanitary.

I champion the idea of more sleaze and filth... add some "colour" to the social activities and interaction.

More chaos. More choices. More ways to create "wealth". (notice: I distinguish between "wealth" and "richness" or net worth)

redbean said...

manage chaos are acceptable. spontaneous chaos and losing control is dangerous.

we need to be a bit more relax, a bit sleazy sounds ok too. but need to put a limit to how far it should go. now we are hearing of triads operating in geylang. if we don't put an immediate stop to it now, it will be irreparable when they grow in strength. the irs will give these triads more reason to organise and set up a base here.

the authorities must not be caught with sleeping on this.

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