Unique visitors

Just for information, for the month of Aug we have recorded the highest number of unique visitors for the blog at 8,478. Unique visitors only counts different bloggers visiting and does not include the number of repeat visits or multiple hits per visitors. For Sep to date we have 7,638 unique visitors and given another 4 and a half days to go, we could hit a new high. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Just for interest sake, wasn't it the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar?

redbean said...

you are right.

redbean said...

just for info, redbeanforum has an average hits of 80,000 pm.

this blog has 8000 unique visitors pm. if each visitor hits 10 times a month, that will give a similar 80,000 hits monthly. if once in every other day, that will be 120,000 hits pm.

not bad for a blog, excluding the hits from programmed vendors. these hits can be very wild, especially the porno distributors. redbeanforum used to have them until bulikyre helped me to stop them from coming in. otherwise, the numbers could be several hundred thousands of hits per month.